Convicted Murderer Escapes After Stabbing Texas Prison Bus Driver

Convicted Murderer Escapes After Stabbing Texas Prison Bus Driver

A convicted murderer is on the loose in Texas after stabbing a prison bus driver … and triggering a massive manhunt.

Gonzalo Lopez was able to free himself from his restraints early Thursday during a transport and attack the bus driver, causing it to crash off the side of the highway.

Authorities say in the process of his attack, he stabbed the prison official in the hand.

According to NBC News, there were other inmates and two other officers on the bus. One of the officers was the driver and the other was seated in the back. Apparently, Lopez was being transported so he could go to a medical appointment.

The escape happened in a rural area, between Houston and Dallas, Lopez was last seen running away from the bus in a field.

Of course, the Lopez escape comes just days after Casey and Vicky White were discovered by authorities. Vicky, a prison guard, assisted Casey in his escape from an Alabama prison … but shot herself when authorities caught up to them, dying from her injuries. Casey White is in custody.

As for Lopez, he was reportedly sentenced to life behind bars in 2006 after being convicted for capital murder and attempted capital murder.

No other inmate escaped during the incident.

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