Constance Wu Gave Birth to a Baby Girl

Constance Wu Gave Birth to a Baby Girl

Constance Wu and her boyfriend, Ryan Kattner, welcomed a daughter over the summer, Entertainment Weekly reports. The news could come as a surprise to fans, as EW notes Wu never announced that she was expecting and has been quiet on her social media channels since March, when the initial lockdowns for the coronavirus pandemic happened.

"They are doing great, and they're so excited and happy," a source told E! News.

Constance Wu

For anyone unfamiliar with Kattner, he's a musician, composer, and screenwriter. He is also the lead singer of Man Man, a rock band, and goes by the stage name Honus Honus. His film credits include Fox's The Exorcist, where he was credited as a music supervisor.

Both Wu's Twitter and Instagram accounts are labeled "defunct," with her last posts coming on May 2020 and December 2019, respectively.

Wu and Kattner have kept their relationship out of the headlines, though she has addressed her dating life — and the criticism that she gets for it — in the past. In an interview, she addressed the backlash that she's gotten from Asian-American men for only dating white men.

"They make this assumption that every single one of my boyfriends has been white based on the one boyfriend they saw on my social media, the one I was dating when I started my account," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "But if this anger is so large and triggered by something kind of small and not necessarily verifiable, then it's about a deeper issue, and I or other Asian women might be the unfortunate target of it."

"The way I try to think about it is if somebody needs to target me as part of their longer journey to figure out how they feel about themselves and their place in the world, I think that's fine," she finished. "Of course, hateful things don't feel good, but I understand."

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