Chris Brown Is In Legal Trouble Again, This Time Because Of His Illegal Pet Monkey

Chris Brown Is In Legal Trouble Again, This Time Because Of His Illegal Pet Monkey

TMZ is reporting that singer, dancer, and puncher extraordinaire, Chris Brown, has officially gotten into some more legal troubles. But you will all be shocked to learn that it has absolutely nothing to do with beating someone up. This time.

Chris has officially been slapped with criminal charges for that monkey he bought last year. Chris got shit after he purchased a monkey for his then 3-year-old daughter, Royalty. He then claimed he bought it for himself, since people were like “Hey, I think it can be dangerous to have wild animals as pets, especially for, you know, three-year-olds?” But then people were wondering how Chris got the monkey in the first place since it’s for sure illegal without a permit. Well, the verdict is in and as we thought: it’s hella illegal.

Legal documents show that the Los Angeles City Attorney is charging Chris with not one, but two counts of “having a restricted species without a permit.” Each charge carries a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail and he will go to trial on February 6. TMZ’s law enforcement “sources” say that complaints about Chris’ pet from many people led to an investigation. Since Chris had no permit for the monkey, authorities got a search warrant and were about to raid his house, but he “voluntarily agreed to surrender” the monkey.

I have to say the only person in this I feel bad for is the monkey (yes, monkeys are people too!). First of all, the poor monkey was bought by Chris Brown. Second of all, the monkey was forced to live with Chris Brown. And third of all, the monkey is going to get all kinds of threats from Chris, because you know Chris doesn’t want that monkey to testify against him. That monkey has seen things.

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