Chris Brown Drops Song About Sleeping With Different Women ‘Every Night’ After Rape Accusations

Chris Brown Drops Song About Sleeping With Different Women ‘Every Night’ After Rape Accusations

Chris Brown dropped a new song, ‘Who Dis,’ while in the midst denying a rape accusation. Read details about the new song inside.

Following rape allegations in Paris, France, singer Chris Brown, 29, has decided that now is a good time to drop a song about sleeping with many women, cheating on someone, and hiding it. Chris released “Who Dis” on Soundcloud on Jan. 25, which included lyrics about telling a woman to hide so a partner won’t find out he had been cheating on her.

The lyrics to the song included him saying: “Attention, my baby’s comin’ over I’ma need everyone to go/Take what you need and get to steppin’/No, you don’t need to wait out/Traffic, I hear it’s kinda crazy/More time for me to clean up/She might think there is something shady/Really, seriously, you need to hurry up/ If you only knew about the way she drive/You would understand, I ain’t f*cking all right/If she come through the front door, and you gotta hide/Gotta hide, she be like/Who this b*tch all up in my house?”

In another verse, he continued, “Can’t even play like I’m innocent/Every night I f*ck a different b*tch/I’m the man, you the woman, it’s different.”

Chris has had a history of treating women with violence. He assaulted Rihanna, 30, while they were in a relationship, and most recently, has been accused of raping a 23-year-old woman in Paris on Jan. 16, 2019. The alleged victim came forward via her lawyer and said she was “psychologically pressured” to sleep with the famous singer and that “there were forced sexual relations.” After the incident, Chris decided to sell t-shirts saying “That b*tch lyin,’” which might not only be blatantly false in regards to the accusation against him, but can now be worn by people to silence victims who speak out.

The singer has denied assault occurred by moving forward with suing the alleged victim for defamation. Chris has also denied the incident on his personal Instagram account, writing in all-capital letters that “it’s false,” along with a slew of reasons why it’s “disrespectful.” Chris used these allegations to promote his new song by dropping it in the midst of all the recent news about him.

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