‘Chicago Med’ EPs: A ‘Big Surprise’ For Natalie On Her Wedding Day & More Fall Finale Scoop

‘Chicago Med’ EPs: A ‘Big Surprise’ For Natalie On Her Wedding Day & More Fall Finale Scoop

It’s Will and Natalie’s big day on the ‘Chicago Med’ fall finale, and HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the show’s EPs to get the EXCLUSIVE scoop on their wedding, our other fave relationships, and more!

Will and Natalie’s wedding is what Chicago Med fans have been waiting for, but will it actually happen? That’s the big question. Will and his involvement in an undercover operation is threatening everything. “It will all come to a head on his wedding day,” Chicago Med EP Diane Frolov told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. In the promo for the season 4 fall finale, Will has a gun pointed at his head. “We should all be worried,” Chicago Med EP Andy Schneider teased.

Andy revealed that Natalie gets a “big surprise on her wedding day.” Will has been keeping this undercover operation from Natalie, but she knows he’s hiding something. Her finding out — whenever that may be — about what’s been going on will certainly create tension for the couple. “All along we’ve been seeing how she’s been distressed when she thinks that he’s lying to her. You can just imagine this whole thing is going to have a definite impact on their relationship,” Diane said.

What about Connor and Ava? These two are the very definition of a push-and-pull romance, but will these two finally try their hand at a real relationship? “In the finale, we will see them working as a team on a case together, and there’s some background to that case that Connor reveals to Ava, so he shows some trust in Ava,” Diane teased. Andy also revealed that in the episodes to come that Connor’s father will reappear. “Let’s just say his father is a problem,” Andy said. “He’s always a problem and doesn’t stop being a problem.”

April and Ethan have certainly had their fair share of struggles this season, and the executive producers noted that their “disagreements” will continue to threaten their relationship. “They have a road to go,” Diane said about getting back together. “Vicki’s on the scene now, and there’s a lot of unresolved tension between Ethan and April. They have their disagreements about patient care. They have their disagreements about Emily.” Andy added, “They both have very strong feelings for one another, but there’s a lot of conflict in that relationship.”

Chicago Med will return in 2019 with all-new episodes. The winter premiere will pick up two months later, the same amount of time that the series is off the air. “What happens in the fall finale we come back to [in 2019], and those stories are continued,” Diane teased. “There are lots of repercussions from what happens, lots of them, in almost every relationship.” Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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