Chicago cops have long list of gripes against Smollett prosecutor

Chicago cops have long list of gripes against Smollett prosecutor

The dropping of all charges against Jussie Smollett sparked the latest — and most intense — clash between Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Chicago cops.

The Windy City’s cop union, the Fraternal Order of Police, has a Facebook page and a blog, “The Watch,” that contain litanies of complaints against the first-term chief prosecutor.

“Now that the National Media is starting to see how the criminal justice system in Chicago truly works, they will see that the FOP has been fighting Foxx on several issues just as ominous as the Smollett case,” the union posted on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

The FOP claims there is “one example after another of her giving breaks to criminals and tossing or diminishing charges against offenders when the victims are Chicago Police Officers.”

One recent outrage, the union says, is the senseless slaying of off-duty Chicago cop John Rivera, who was shot early Saturday when Menelik Jackson allegedly opened fire on “the first Hispanic man that he came in contact with” following a fight at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Jackson was busted earlier in an armed home-invasion case that he plea-bargained down to attempted burglary and a sentence of probation.

“Had Jackson not been granted such a ridiculously lenient deal, he would likely still have been in prison and not been free to murder Officer Rivera,” the union said.

The police union also recently posted a link to a US Justice Department announcement about the filing of federal charges in an armed robbery after the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office “agreed to a lenient plea deal.”

“What needs to happen in Chicago?” the post says.

Foxx ran for office in 2016 on a reform platform and supported a federal consent decree — sparked by the police shooting of a teenage burglary suspect who had turned his back on cops — that resulted in the appointment of an independent monitor for the Chicago Police Department.

Her office didn’t return a request for comment.

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