Channing Tatum has a ‘friendly vibe’ with his girlfriend’s dad, Lenny Kravitz

Channing Tatum has a ‘friendly vibe’ with his girlfriend’s dad, Lenny Kravitz

For years, I’ve felt like Channing Tatum is basically just a sweet, charming guy from the Deep South. He’s not a sophisticate, but he gets by on charm, charisma and hard work. I can only imagine the huge difference in his background and Zoe Kravitz’s background. Zoe is second-generation Hollywood, she grew up in LA, Miami and New York. Her father owns a beautiful home in Paris, where he hosted her first wedding. This world must be completely foreign to Channing. But so far, so good. He’s basically keeping his head down and trying not to f–k it up, I think. According to Star Magazine, Channing has bonded with Zoe’s father though.

According to an insider, Zoe Kravitz has taken a big step with new boyfriend Channing Tatum, introducing him to her famous family. Tatum gets along well with Zoe’s mother Lisa Bonet, and stepdad Jason Momoa, says the insider. But Channing has formed a special bond with her father, Lenny Kravitz, 57.

“Channing’s always been a big Lenny fan, and they have this jokey, friendly vibe whenever they get together,” the insider explains, adding that Lenny isn’t “grilling” Channing about future plans with Zoe. “He just wants his daughter to be happy, and it seems like Zoe is. She and Channing are getting serious and Lenny is fine with that!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yeah, Lenny isn’t the kind of dad who, like, grabs a shotgun to greet his daughter’s new boyfriend. Lenny is peace and vibes and he’s always seemed to want Zoe to have her freedom and her own life. Channing is probably respectful towards Zoe’s parents. I bet he actually vibes more with Jason Momoa than Lenny, although let’s be fair… Jason and Lenny are both incredibly lovely men. I bet they’ve both befriended Channing.

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