Catelynn Lowell: Butch Baltierra Is Back on Drugs and Out of Our Lives

Catelynn Lowell: Butch Baltierra Is Back on Drugs and Out of Our Lives

If you're a longtime Teen Mom OG fan then you're no doubt aware that Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell both come from broken homes.

Tyler and Cate have both attempted to rebuild and repair their relationships with their parents, and they've met with decidedly mixed results.

A source of much frustration over the years has been Tyler's effort to form a lasting bond with his troubled father, Butch Baltierra.

Butch has struggled with substance abuse for years, but fans were encouraged by his latest rehab stint.

Sadly, it seems Tyler's dad suffered a relapse in recent weeks, and this time, his son and daughter-in-law may have decided they've had enough.

Take a look at the latest developments in this heartbreaking situation:

1.A Strained Relationship

2.Ups and Downs

3.The Witness

4.A Reluctant Expert

5.A New Man

6.Before and After

7.Through the Wringer

8.Amber Alert

9.Cause for Concern?

10.Slippery Slope

11.The Downward Spiral

12.An Astute Assessment

13.The Writing on the Wall

14.Bad News

15.A Heartbreaking Update

16.Keeping Mum

17.Assuming the Worst

18.Clearing the Air

19.A Vague Response

20.Drifting Apart

21.Still In the Picture

22.Ignorance Is Bliss

23.Kind Words

24.Hope For the Future

25.A Sad Fact

26.A Non-Presence

27.Missing Out

28.Coming to Terms

29.Making the Best Of It

30.On His Own

31.Sill In the Picture

32.Prayers for the Future

33.All the Best For Butch

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