Cars, diamonds, a boat: Inside Danielle Staub’s luxurious Christmases

Cars, diamonds, a boat: Inside Danielle Staub’s luxurious Christmases

Danielle Staub’s Christmases past were filled with designer clothing, luxury cars and expensive jewelry.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star told Page Six that the father of her children, ex-husband Thomas Staub, gifted her the most extravagant gifts for the holidays, saying: “Getting a brand new [Mercedes Benz] S5-50 handed to me … that wasn’t bad. I did get a boat one Christmas too. I got upgraded too. I did a couple upgrades on my ring … and then diamond earrings and emeralds and rubies. He spoiled me.”

“He did the jewelry and the cars and I just went out bought everything else,” she added. “He always used to say I had a black belt in shopping. And it was accurate. I still have clothes in my closet … that have the tags on them and we’re talking like Versace. And you know all the old, real designers Escada. Oh, the list is so long. Dolce & Gabbana … even like runway pieces like right off the models. So I had that. I loved it.”

“Remember, I had the fourteenth black American Express card issued in the United States,” she asserted.

This year, Staub, 56, told us that she’s nostalgic for the past and wants “well-written cards, beautiful Papyrus cards.”

“I want them filled with the emotion and the feeling of gratitude for the year that passed and grateful for what’s to come in 2019,” she noted.

She’s also planning to spend the holidays with her family in New Jersey, taking advantage of her in-home sauna and two fireplaces.

But as for the gifts under the tree, Staub is still unsure of what she’s going to buy her daughters Jillian, 20, and Christine, 24.

“I always overspend,” she said. “So [I get them] whatever they want and they make it really hard for me because they’re always like, ‘Mom it’s okay. You know we were good. You always take care of everything.’ And that makes me then overspend even more because I don’t have one specific gift … whatever I can get for them and provide for them, remember I think people don’t know this about me yet but I did not have a childhood. It was not good. So this is just me living my childhood out through my daughters.”

She didn’t mention if she would be gifting her estranged husband Marty Caffrey anything this holiday season. She filed for divorce from him earlier this week.

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