Cardi B Claps Back Over Claim That Black Female Rappers ‘Devalue’ Birkin Bags: ‘Don’t Even Try It’

Cardi B Claps Back Over Claim That Black Female Rappers ‘Devalue’ Birkin Bags: ‘Don’t Even Try It’

Cardi B issued an epic response to a claim that Birkin bags have ‘literally lost their value’ because of rappers buying them. Cardi took to her Instagram account, saying, ‘actually, we add value.’

Cardi B has never been shy about showing off her gorgeous collection of Hermès Birkin bags. And now, she’s clapping back at a hater who made the claim that “Birkins have literally lost their value” because Black female rappers like Cardi “have got y’all convinced that these birkin bags are easy to get.” Cardi took to her Instagram account on October 25 to issue an epic clap back to the hater.

“First thing first: I definitely could get a bag — actually I got four bags today from the Hermès store. I don’t want to brag but, it’s like, don’t even try it,” she began her video. “Second of all…why is it that y’all asking female rappers if they could get a bag from the Hermès store? Y’all don’t do this to these White celebrities,” the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, 28, observed.

So I had this convo with my team about this topic after seeing this viral tweet …what do you guys think ? Watch till the end

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“So why is it that y’all gotta be asking us?” Cardi went on to add, “they’re saying that we depreciate the value. Actually, we add value. Because, in hip hop, when we mention brands in hip hop, that sh*t go up,” she said. The Grammy-winner went on to note that, having mentioned famous brands like Balenciaga in songs like “I Like It,” she has, in fact, gone on to work with the labels and collaborate on future projects, including major campaigns.

“Hip hop, we start trends,” the rapper said in her video. “When y’all saying that, we devalue sh*t, no. Actually, we add value.” Cardi continued to point out, “why when a Black girl, why when a Hispanic girl have a bag, y’all have to question it,” she asked those watching her video. “There’s a lot of boss a** b*tches out here that own their own company — there’s realtors, there’s PRs, there’s A&Rs, there’s doctors…and the list goes f**king on.”

I love her 😍collectible

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Cardi finished her video by saying, “if you’re a regular girl, you don’t have to break your neck to have a Birkin. A Birkin don’t make you,” she aptly said. “Don’t ever feel like you gotta compare yourself. Don’t ever feel like you gotta go to Canal Street and get a fake one to keep up,” she said. Cardi encouraged her beloved fans not to compare themselves to what they see on the internet, calling it “fake.”

Fans absolutely loved Cardi’s passionate response to the online hater. A slew of her admirers left her loving messages and compliments in the comment section to her post, with one fan summarizing their admiration for the artist the best. “You don’t have to explain yourself,” the fan wrote. “Enjoy your life and what you worked hard for.”

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