‘Can’t be trusted!’ ITV Weather host Lucy Verasamy issues warning amid ‘fickle’ prediction

‘Can’t be trusted!’ ITV Weather host Lucy Verasamy issues warning amid ‘fickle’ prediction

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Lucy Verasamy, 41, has urged ITV viewers to “enjoy this weather” as it looks like the cold will be returning soon, according to her predictions. Lucy took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the “fickle” weather in view of her 171,000 followers. 

While everyone has been enjoying the sun these past few days, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it is here to stay.

Lucy took to Twitter to share some bad news about the upcoming weather.

Lucy said: “Spring is so fickle!

“It can’t be trusted.”

She added: “A glance at a weather chart for a weeks time – looking so much colder as a northerly winds kicks in.

“Enjoy this warmth“ (sic).

Lucy accompanied her Twitter post with an image of a weather chart, which gave detailed information to support her predictions.

It appears to show the UK being plunged into colder temperatures.

Twitter user Amp_sc replied: “Thanks for cheering everyone up!!

“We don’t need it.”

This was followed by red-faced emojis.

Another social media user, PhilAnnets, wasn’t too pleased either.

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He said: “Great! Just in time for the price hikes in gas and electric to kick in!”

Earlier this week, Lucy shared a message in view of her 160,000 followers on Instagram.

The ITV Weather presenter shared selfies with fans and compared how her mood was different in them, depending on how sunny it was at the time.

In the first snap, the 41-year-old was wrapped up warm in a scarf and coat, looking rather serious. 

In the next, she was still wrapped up warm but this time she was smiling from ear to ear.

Lucy advised her followers to “choose the sunny side of the street”.

She said it made a “HUGE difference!!”

The meteorologist also included the following in her caption: “Summed up by a quote by Charles Dickens in 1880: ‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.’ Great Expectations.”

Lucy often shares life updates, as well as weather news, with her friends and fans on social media.

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