California Cop Allegedly Finds A Tampon In His Starbucks Frappuccino!

California Cop Allegedly Finds A Tampon In His Starbucks Frappuccino!

An LAPD officer wanted more than a refund when he allegedly found a tampon floating around in his Starbucks Frappuccino.

According to FOX 11, the off-duty cop purchased the beverage at a Starbucks inside a Target in Diamond Bar, CA with his police credit union debit card. Halfway through drinking his tasty treat, he claims he discovered a feminine hygiene product inside that he most definitely did not order. See the disgusting pic (below): 


The officer stormed back into the store to confront the staff before filing a report. The LA County Sheriff’s Department is now investigating it as a possible food tampering incident, with deputies pulling surveillance footage.

The LA Police Protective League said of the incident: 

“This disgusting assault on a police officer was carried out by someone with hatred in their heart and who lacks human decency. We hope they are publicly exposed, fired, arrested, and prosecuted for their cowardly and repugnant actions.”

This story of course comes on the heels of police higher-ups in the NYPD being accused of making up that story about their milkshakes being poisoned at Shake Shack

The allegedly tainted beverage also comes a week after Starbucks got backlash for prohibiting its employees from showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement at work — a rule the coffee titan quickly reversed after it was subtly called out by its former “brand ambassador,” Ariana Grande.

As fans may know, the Sweetener songstress unfollowed the brand on Instagram a day after posting on her Instagram Story a photo of an iced drink she got from Nimbus Coffee, a wizard-themed coffee shop in Los Angeles. 

The pop star’s distancing was likely a subtle response to Starbucks’ policy that baristas could not wear Black Lives Matter clothing or accessories while on the clock. Although the company had supported the movement publicly, an internal memo published earlier this month by BuzzFeed News showed that Starbucks cited its dress code policy of not allowing workers to “wear buttons or pins that advocate a political, religious or personal issue.”

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After facing backlash online, the chain walked back the policy, revealing employees were now allowed to “wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts, pins and name tags.” The brand wrote on Twitter

Black Lives Matter. We continue to listen to our partners (employees) and communities and their desire to stand for justice together. The Starbucks Black Partner Network co-designed t-shirts with this graphic that will soon be sent to 250,000+ store partners… In response to this historic time, our store partners can also show support for the Black Lives Matter movement with their own t-shirts, pins and name tags.”


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