Britney Spears removed mom and sister bashing from book

Britney Spears removed mom and sister bashing from book

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears REMOVED ‘nasty’ content about her mother and sister from her tell-all book after they reconciled – and has ‘made a pact with sibling Jamie-Lynn not to throw each other under the bus’ ever again

  • Britney, 41, reconciled with Jamie Lynn, 32, on the Zooey 102 set this month
  • The pop princess repaired her relationship with mom Lynne, 68, in June 
  • The singer’s memoir, The Woman In Me, is being released on October 24
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Britney Spears has removed a host of ‘nasty’ content about her mother Lynne and her sister Jamie Lynn from her tell-all memoir, The Woman In Me, after reconciling with her estranged family members just months before the book is due to be published. 

According to a source who is very close to the 41-year-old popstar, Britney had originally vented in her book about her ‘anger’ over the way in which her family members handled her 13-year conservatorship. 

However in recent weeks, she has ‘let all of this go’ and made the decision to remove the harshest passages from her memoir in the hopes that it will help her to ‘heal’ her relationship with Lynne, 68, and Jamie Lynn, 32. 

‘Britney was not asked by Lynne or Jamie Lynn to remove some of the nasty stuff she’d written about them,’ the source revealed to ‘It was her own choice to do this.’ 

The popstar was released from her 13-year conservatorship – which saw her father Jamie, 71, handed complete control of her life – in November 2021, and when she began writing her book, the source says she was still dealing with feelings of resentment towards her family for the way they acted during that time. 

‘When [the book] was written, Britney did not have contact with [Lynne and Jamie Lynn],’ the insider explained. ‘She was angry, desperate for answers and had just come out of 13 years of living hell. She didn’t understand why they didn’t save her. 

Britney Spears’ book The Woman In Me is coming in October and a source tells that the 41-year-old pop star has removed some ‘nasty stuff’ about her mother and sister   

The source says that it was Britney’s ‘own choice to take out’ things about her mom Lynne, 68, and sister Jamie Lynn, 32, after she recently reconciled with both ladies 

Britney made amends with Jamie Lynn (in 2017) this month. After years of back and forth the source says that ‘Britney and her made a pact to not ever throw each other under the bus’            

‘But she has since let all of this go. She is healing and her mom and sister are helping, and healing, too. Her relationship with Jamie Lynn is the best it has ever been.’

To that end, Britney has even come to an agreement with her younger sibling not to publicly bash one another – after the pair got into an ugly and drawn out slinging match that lasted months.  

‘Britney and Jamie made a pact to not ever throw each other under the bus and keep everything family related within their three-woman family,’ the source shared. ‘There will be no more books after this.’

Britney’s tumultuous relationship with her younger sister Jamie Lynn, which was made worse by scathing accusations Jamie Lynn made in her 2022 book, Things I Should Have Said, is ‘the best it’s ever been,’ the source claims. ‘Britney and Jamie made a pact to not ever throw each other under the bus.’

Last week, Jamie Lynn gushed about her older sibling after the two reconciled several week ago on the set of Jamie Lynn’s Zoey 102 reboot. 

When asked about her relationship with Britney by Variety, Jamie Lynn said, ‘I have nothing but absolute love for every single one of my family members. If I learned anything from last year, being so open and feeling like I had to defend myself at times, I don’t feel like there’s anything else that I need to say.

‘I just have to leave it where it is because those conversations are meant to be personal. All I can focus on now is my girls, my husband and the work that I’m doing.’

Two months prior to her breaking bread with Jamie Lynn, in May, Lynne flew from Kentwood, Louisiana to Los Angeles to pay a surprise visit to Britney at her home in Thousand Oaks. 

The stage mom’s efforts proved to be worth it, as they sat down for 30 minutes and were able to hash out their issues and undue the damage that was caused by the horrific 13-year conservatorship. 

At the time, a source told exclusively that Lynn’s only objective was to reunite her two daughters, stating that she would ‘not rest’ until it was done.

With the help of her mom Lynne (pictured leaving Britney’s house on May 24) and Jamie Lynn, Britney ‘is healing and her mom and sister are helping, and healing, too,’ says source 

During an emotional recent interview Jamie Lynn put a stop on family talk, stating, ‘I have nothing but absolute love for every single one of my family members’

Reunited: Britney announced that she had reunited with Jamie Lynn in this Instagram post 

‘Lynne is begging Britney to make amends with her sister Jamie Lynn now,’ the insider shared. ‘They are both leaning towards a yes. Lynne knows that Britney does miss her sister and she told her that the feeling is obviously mutual.’

Britney ahs been getting prepared for the upcoming release of her memoir, which has already hit #1 on Amazon – three months ahead of it’s release.

The book will be released by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, which engaged in a major bidding war last year to secure the rights.

According to a press release from Gallery Books, the memoir is set to reveal ‘for the first time her incredible journey (and) strength at the core of one of the greatest performers in pop music history.’

The publisher also claimed the book ‘illuminates the enduring power of music and love — and the importance of a woman telling her own story, on her own terms.’

It further describes The Woman In Me as ‘a brave and astonishingly moving story about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith and hope.’ 

The book will reportedly cover not just the difficult 13-year conservatorship, but also Spears’ rise to fame and her prime years as a performer.

According to Variety, the deal for the memoir was said to be ‘record-breaking,’ and the agreement is believed to be worth as much as $15 million. 

The memoir was also reported to have been delayed in May of this year over concerns from two unnamed A-list stars who wrote letters to the publisher about their potential portrayal in the book.

Spears has previously said that she was opting to skip interviews with high-profile figures including Oprah Winfrey in favor of telling her story in her own words. 

The Woman In Me can already be preordered from multiple stores via Simon & Schuster.

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