Britney Spears Leaves Fans Worried After Deleting Her Instagram Account

Britney Spears Leaves Fans Worried After Deleting Her Instagram Account

Only a few days after her collaboration with titled ‘Mind Your Business’ was released, the ‘…Baby One More Time’ singer deactivates her social media handler.

AceShowbizBritney Spears has left her fans worried. Just a few days after she released a new single collaboration with titled “Mind Your Business”, the “…Baby One More Time” singer deleted her Instagram account.

On Saturday, July 22, the 41-year-old songstress sparked concerns among her devotees after she deactivated her social media handler. In the replies section of a tweet about the matter, one Twitter user stated, “I just want her to be safe and happy, but i have horrible feeling that that will never happen.”

Another user, under an Instagram post about Britney’s deleted Instagram account, suggested, “She decided to rest from the ungrateful fans, who do nothing but criticize her and express themselves rudely towards someone they ‘love.’ I remind all those fans that guardianship is not in force. That Britney is a free woman and that she decides what to do with her career and what her artistic expression is. I support #Mindyourbusiness, enjoy listening to it and am grateful that Britney continues to share her music.”

Similarly, a third proposed, “I think she got tired of the criticism, everything she does is criticised. She shouldn’t have deleted her instagram account, because it gives her material for them to continue criticising her. She should have simply uninstalled it from her mobile and when the days, weeks or months go by and she feels good, then she could install it again.”

A fourth, on the other hand, urged others to leave Britney alone by writing, “Let her live in. Media including YouTube ppl just leave her alone let the girl live. Stop questioning every move she makes if she wasn’t free I bet she would not be allowed to Mexico or go up to players and get hit just leave her alone.”

A few days before deleting her Instagram account, Britney had her collaboration with unleashed. In it, she seemingly sent a message about privacy as she sings her verses, “Uptown, downtown, everywhere I turn around/ Hollywood, London, snap-snap is the sound Paparazzi shot me, I am the economy.”

“Mind your B, mind your B, mind your B, mind your B/ Mind your business-ness-ness,” she went on to reiterate in the chorus. Meanwhile, her collaborator sings in his, “T-t-t-t-too much looky-looky, I’m so sick of all these looky-loos/ Everybody lookin’ at me like I was the breakin’ news. Police got a sting, watchin’ every step I take/ Every move I make, every breath I take (Ha-ha-ha).”

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