Bella Hadid’s Fans Defend Her After She’s Body-Shamed For New Swimsuit Shoot

Bella Hadid’s Fans Defend Her After She’s Body-Shamed For New Swimsuit Shoot

Bella Hadid alarmed some fans when in a new shoot for ‘LOVE’ magazine she wore a high cut one piece swimsuit with her hip bones protruding. Now others are coming to her defense after the model got body shamed.

Bella Hadid has always kept her trim figure runway ready while still having some enviable curves in all the right places. She’s appearing in LOVE magazine’s first even moving images issue and the publication released a teaser clip of the 22-year-old in a high cut one piece swimsuit. The outfit revealed her hip bones protruding through her flesh and some fans are very concerned for her health, thinking she looks way too thin. She walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in early November and fans claim her body wasn’t nearly as skinny as it appears to be now. Now they’re divided over her new trimmer figure.

“Growing up I was not the most confident person. Growing up with an older sister or sisters I always had things to look up to but I never could find myself,” Bella voices over a video showing her in a glittery one piece bathing suit, a PVC swim cap with dramatic makeup. She’s obviously referring to sis Gigi, 23, and step sisters Erin, 36 and Sara Foster, 37. The Instagram clip posted on Dec. 6 also included her quote, “When I felt the most beautiful was in the past two years when my health was at its best…I just felt very comfortable in my own being instead of looking for the person I should be through others.”

Fans however worried deeply about her health with some even body shaming her. “This is truly sad. She’s talking about self acceptance as she’s withering away to bones. The modeling industry is barbaric and disgusting with its ‘beauty’ standards,” one person wrote in the comments while another added “NO!!!! Too thin @bellahadid only bones.” A fan pointed out, “VS was over a month ago and she is still losing weight right now…I don’t want her thinking that being way way skinny is a way of life…I understand she is happy but losing so much weight is not the way to go” and another added “She is too thin!! U can see every bone. Can’t tell me that’s healthy.”

But Bella had plenty of defenders against the body shamers telling her she was too skinny. Many fans made the comment “gorgeous” and another added “If this is truly her at her healthiest, good for her…I’m glad she feels healthy.” One person told her “Best she’s ever looked,” and another follower put it perfectly, writing, “This video is about how Bella accepting the way she is and how she feels beautiful — going against expectations. But here you all are slamming her for her weight. If she feels beautiful this way then that’s that!”

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