Alec Baldwin Tweets Story Saying He Didn't Know Gun Had Real Bullet

Alec Baldwin Tweets Story Saying He Didn't Know Gun Had Real Bullet

Alec Baldwin is seemingly declaring his innocence in the accident that killed Halyna Hutchins by pointing out he was told it was a “cold” gun … when it was actually loaded with a live round.

Baldwin retweeted an article Wednesday night about the most recent search warrant filed in the death investigation. The NYT story — headlined, “Gun Handed to Alec Baldwin Was Not Thoroughly Checked” — focused on the documents TMZ first told you about, which highlight several safety failures.

In the affidavit filed Wednesday, Assistant Director Dave Halls admitted to cops he had not thoroughly checked the weapon for live rounds before handing it to Baldwin.

While Alec hasn’t said anything publicly since his first tweet the day after Hutchins was killed, his actions on social media speak volumes, retweeting multiple articles saying he was told the weapon was safe.

Head armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, told authorities prior to the scene, and during the movie’s lunch break, the gun was locked in a safe and very few people had access to it.

The question that remains … how did live ammo not only get on set, but into the gun’s chamber? We spoke with several people from the set who told us outside of filming, the gun was sometimes used for recreational use and target practice.

Both the Santa Fe Co. Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney held a press conference Wednesday where they said charges are technically still on the table for everyone involved.

They also said they’ll be looking into the history of Halls and Gutierrez-Reed in determining if any negligence took place.

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