Aaron Carter Is Not Going To Be A Father, After All

Aaron Carter Is Not Going To Be A Father, After All

Aaron Carter sure is great at making up his mind, eh? First he was bisexual, then he decided that was just a three-month phase. Then he and his girlfriend, Russian artist, Lina Valentina announced she was pregnant with his baby. But now it seems Aaron is throwing up a gigantic “JK” because he’s saying that they are indeed not expecting a little baby to soon. “Phew” said all of the babies who were due to be delivered by the stork in the next few months. 

E! News reports that while Aaron promised to marry his girlfriend and knock her up with a daughter in an Instagram post, that is actually not the truth. Aaron gave an exclusive statement to E! about his baby-making goals and it’s looking like less of a nine-months-from-now type of thing and more like a 3-year-plan type of scenario:

“A few weeks ago, I posted something on social media about hoping to have a child soon and it seems that started some rumors… I am looking forward to becoming a dad, but am not expecting.”

Let me re-phrase that for you guys: “A few weeks ago, I tried to get some publicity with a fake baby announcement. It worked, but now I need to let you know that a baby won’t appear in nine months.”

According to E!, Aaron is going to be focusing on his music and a US “tour” that will begin in Las Vegas on January 29. I’m sure tickets are flying out of stock for that one. Is Iggy Azalea his opening act?

But don’t worry all you people out there who care if Aaron Carter and his unknown Ruski girlfriend procreate, Aaron has tweeted that he is still planning on starting a family with Miss Valentina and about how proud he is to be stunting on these haters:

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