A Family Of Terrible Tourists Has Been Terrorizing New Zealand

A Family Of Terrible Tourists Has Been Terrorizing New Zealand

Unbeknownst to most of the world, Kiwi Twitter has been aflutter in recent weeks with tales and sightings of a family of tourists who have been wreaking havoc (ok, brazen rudeness) up and down the coast of New Zealand. No attraction from was safe from the group, popularly known as The Bad Family. Don’t worry, they aren’t Americans! They are either British or Irish, nobody seems to know for sure, and neither country wants to claim them. According to a recent exposé by Slate, TBF first made their presence known when a woman saw them littering, and confronted them at a beach in Auckland. That’s when the family of about 12, first showed their asses. Imagine a shirtless little 9-year-old boy coming at you like Cardi. B up in the club.

Here’s the first known sighting of TBF.

And it only got worse from there.

The family’s alleged crimes are many and varied. Not only did they refuse to pick up their own rubbish, they had the cheek to tell locals to pick it up for them. They have been accused of purposely contaminating meals with both ants and strands of hair to get out of paying the sometimes hundreds of dollars’ worth of food they’d ordered, leaving a shit-filled baby onesie on a plane, and walking through a Burger King drive-thru.

Apparently they were so bad, the New Zealand Herald created a timeline to track TBF’s movements. People were asked to report any sightings.

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