’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars Eric & Leida Quit Show Over Online ‘Death Threats’: ‘We Didn’t Sign Up For This’

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars Eric & Leida Quit Show Over Online ‘Death Threats’: ‘We Didn’t Sign Up For This’

What was supposed to be the beginning of a love story has turned into a cyberbullying nightmare for ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Eric and Leida — watch as Leida announces their resignation in between sobs.

Eric Rosenbrook, 41, and Leida, 29, are bailing from 90 Day Fiancé once their contract is up. In the midst of starring on Season 6 of the TLC show, Leida broke down in tears as she announced the news in an Instagram video that a fan account posted on Dec. 12. “We put our lives in danger. We put our lives on the frontline. This is not fair,” Leida said, sobbing, as Eric sat silently in the background. “This is not worth it at all. We are never going to do this again.” The Indonesian native, who moved to Wisconsin to be with Eric, even threatened to expose TLC’s alleged neglect! “I swear to God, once the contract is done, we will reveal everything that they didn’t on the show,” she warned.

Leida then got into the death threats. “How can people [be] wishing me die? This is not fair,” Leida continued. “I’m a human, too…I didn’t sign up for this. We didn’t know they’re going to portray us that bad.” Finally, Eric chimed in, saying, “And TLC’s not going to do anything about it, of course.” Apparently, the scary threats have been coming in for awhile, as Leida called the police over the ill-wishes on Nov. 15, Wisconsin’s Baraboo Police Department confirmed to Radar Online.

In addition to the video below, Leida announced her resignation on her Instagram Story, the aforementioned outlet also reported. “No we won’t be on the next season. Sharp doesn’t care about the death threats. We will deal everything on our own,” she reportedly wrote in a now deleted message, adding, “Death threats are not acceptable under any circumstances. If I made those death threats by myself I wouldn’t let the authorities involved. Whoever says, ‘Boohoo Leida this is on you’…Thank you so much and I pray you will never experience the same way like I have.”

Still, a majority of fans were merciless in the comments section of the video above, sadly. Many users pointed out that Leida kicked out Eric’s daughter Tasha, 19, from their home, referring to the Dec. 9 episode of 90 Day Fiancé. Under Leida’s pressure, Eric finally made his daughter leave their house. “I don’t know where me and my dad stand anymore,” Tasha had said on the show, cyring. “I don’t want to just not see my dad anymore but if this is how it’s going to be, then I guess it’s how it’s going to be.” The shocking decision came right after the couple had a fallout over the child support that Eric gives his ex-wife, but Leida finally conceded.

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