This simple drying trick guarantees a good fringe-day everyday

This simple drying trick guarantees a good fringe-day everyday

Written by Morgan Fargo

Struggling to style your fringe? Try this easy technique for salon-worthy volume.

If 2022 has shown us anything (aside from a tragically flawed prime minister and how nice it is to be back with our friends), it’s that trends and aesthetics are as cyclical as they are pervasive. And that goes double for hair trends. 

From the resurgence of the feathered, fluffy blow-dry so beloved by supermodels in the 80s and the round layered shapes made famous by pop stars in the 90s to the sleek up-dos of the 00s, the cacophony of trending hairstyles has made for a varied array of options. One style, however, that has persisted throughout the decades is curtain bangs. 

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A fringe that straddles the happy-go-lucky spirit of the 60s and 70s with the wispy ease of modern French style, curtain fringes have soared back into style. As the name suggests, curtain bangs are a type of fringe that drape across the forehead, gathered at the top – similar to a set of drawn-open curtains. Whether your hair is curly, straight, tightly textured or wavy, curtain bangs can add lightness and volume to a style.

When it comes to drying and styling your curtain bangs at home, well, that’s not such an easy one. If you feel plagued by the sense that your fringe will never look as good as when it was cut and styled by a professional, listen in: there is a way to restore the easy, natural-looking volume you walked out of the salon with originally.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Seán Paul Nother, half of leading London hairdressing duo The Hair Bros, breaks down how to achieve lift and gentle movement in your fringe at home. 

“Before you start, I like to prep the hair with some [Evo] Whip It Good Mousse when the hair is about 40% dry. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start,” he explains. “Step one is popping some rollers in the hair. This won’t cost you more than £6 and 36mm is absolutely perfect. You want to roll the rollers outwards from the middle part so you’re going to do one outwards and one backwards.

“Don’t worry about using pins or grips; they’re going to hold themselves in the hair. Repeat on the other side – so you’re only going to have a total of four rollers in the hair.”

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“When it comes to drying, air dry on a nice warm day. It shouldn’t take longer than 35 minutes. If it’s cold, put a diffuser on your hairdryer and it won’t take longer than eight minutes,” Nother advises.

“Don’t worry about your hair being a bit big when it comes out of the roller. It’s always better to be slightly bigger. When your hair is fully dry, give it a brush backwards and voila – a 1970s-esque air-dried fringe.”

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