This Is How Tia Mowry Takes Care of Her Mind, Body, and Spirit

This Is How Tia Mowry Takes Care of Her Mind, Body, and Spirit

Tia Mowry has worn many hats throughout her career — in addition to starring in hit television shows like Sister, Sister and Family Reunion, the actress is also a mother of two, an entrepreneur, author, producer, and chef. But she remains healthy, grounded, and grateful, despite juggling it all. 

A few of her secrets? When it comes to taking care of the body: "It's about exercising and giving your body what it needs to feel great and to feel awesome," Mowry tells Adrienne Farr and Nawal Moustafa of :BLACKPRINT, the Black employee affinity group for Meredith Corporation. 

That's why she makes sure to nourish her body with foods that fuel her in a healthy way. You can find many of Mowry's favorite recipes in her second cookbook, The Quick Fix Kitchen. Mowry says her goal is to turn the kitchen back into a fun place where "you are nurturing your family, your friends, and you're putting great quality food on the table for your loved ones." 

Supplements have also been a huge part of her self-care regimen. It's why she started her vitamin company Anser, a full line of vitamins and supplements, including a Women's Multivitamin, Heart Beets Superfood Powder and gummies for kids, which she gives to her three-year-old daughter, Cairo and ten-year-old son, Cree. And when it comes to boosting immunity, she's all about incorporating her brand's vitamin C and elderberry products into her routine.

In fact, Mowry uses her personal experiences to help develop many of the products, she says. Garlic, for example, was one of the ingredients Mowry knew that she wanted to include in the women's multivitamin for its anti-inflammatory benefits, which she learned through her own usage and her grandmother's.

"My grandmother, she lived a very long life until she was 90 years old. And she would eat garlic, raw garlic, whenever we would see her. I mean, just gnaw on the clove," Mowry laughs. "And garlic has been a part of my healing and a part of my wellness journey. So I wanted that to be a part of the line."

And then when it comes to taking care of one's mind and spirit, Mowry's best piece of advice is to make sure you're surrounded by positive people — easier said than done. "It's okay to do an assessment every now and then, and ask yourself what the people around you are speaking into your life," Mowry says. 

She also keeps a short mantra in her back pocket for when she's in a challenging spot, feels overwhelmed, or just needs to refocus. "Where there is appreciation, all things flow," Mowry says. No matter how tough of a spot you're in, when you have appreciation for where you are, "you approach things differently. You have a different perspective on a situation," she adds.

Mowry also credits the phrase for her often bubbly and happy demeanor. "I feel like it's one of the main reasons why I am just so grateful." This mantra came in handy during her pregnancies when she was experiencing a host of health issues, including gestational diabetes and consistent nosebleeds. "But I was appreciative of being able to carry a child, and to be able to go through this process," Mowry says. 

The Game actress adds that the mantra made her pregnancy a much better experience. "I feel like it's a little secret into my happiness and success," she says. 

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