This 5.5cm haircut rule could help you find which style suits you best

This 5.5cm haircut rule could help you find which style suits you best

If you’re thinking of switching up your style, going to the hairdressers can be a daunting experience.

Do you take a picture of what you want? How do you know if a haircut will suit you? And do you opt for a trending hairstyle, like bedhead hair or Wednesday bangs, or stick to something more timeless?

If you feel overwhelmed by choice, you might want to consider the 5.5cm rule.

The experts at John Frieda have recently revealed the 5.5cm mathematical formula could be the answer to all your hair questions – and could help calculate what style suits you best.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you have a style you’re set on there’s no need for this calculation – it’s more to help those unsure.

Eager to know more? Hair expert Nicole Petty, from Milk + Blush, has all the answers.

How does it work?

The 5.5cm rule helps you find the perfect haircut for your face shape, explains Nicole.

She says: ‘The idea is that if the distance measured between your chin and earlobe is less than 5.5cm, you’d better suit a short haircut – and if it’s more, a longer haircut is best.

‘This is best performed in front of a mirror, with a pencil balanced horizontally below your chin.

‘Next, measure the space between the pencil and the earlobe with a ruler.

‘It’s a clever trick, which means that people with smaller faces are better-suited to short hairstyles, such as the pixie and bob.’

Nicole says Natalie Portman is a great example of how this formula works, as her petite head and smaller space between features make short hair a great look for her.

Other things to consider also stresses that if your hair does fall below 5.5cm, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to short hair. 

Nicole adds: ‘Aside from this rule, consider your face shape. For example, round face shapes can appear rounder with the wrong cut. 

‘Generally, oval or round-shaped faces will suit a pixie cut, buzz cut or a long bob, while square and rectangular-shaped faces suit layered lob styles and heart-shaped faces will more likely suit a bob with long side-swept bangs.’

On the other hand, for those with space of more than 5.5cm, several longer styles might do the trick – and require less maintenance.

Nicole continues: ‘The ongoing cost of living crisis and busy lifestyles have drastically changed the hair routines and styles of many women – who now want low-maintenance hairstyles that take very little time to style.  

‘This will continue into 2023, with “messy haircut” searched 10,000 times in December.

‘Choppy layers and shaggy cuts are just some of the messy cuts and styles that can work for every hair type and texture.  

‘And, if you want long, voluminous locks but don’t want to wait for ages for your hair to grow out, look to invest in hair extensions.’

It goes without saying that while the 5.5cm rule is an interesting formula, it’s always good to seek advice from a professional hair stylist – who can guide you on styles for your face shape, hair type and texture.

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