These floral fragrances that are the perfect romantic update for autumn

These floral fragrances that are the perfect romantic update for autumn

Written by Chloe Burcham

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These smoky, musky and floral fragrances are the perfect update for autumn…

Is it just us or does autumn feel more exciting this year? Whether it’s because we had a ridiculously hot summer and are all ready for sweater season to come or the fact that we’ve been secretly craving those crisp evening walks followed by a cosy hot chocolate, it seems like the autumn vibes are bigger than ever – and we’re not mad about it. 

Plus, that snug and comforting feeling has trickled through into this year’s fragrance launches too. From warming, romantic florals to skin-like musk scents, this season’s scents really capture the autumn mood. Think the warm, familiar scent on your best friend’s cashmere scarf or the smoky, incense aroma that fills Soho House on a Sunday evening – these gorgeous fragrances wrap up all the best autumn feels in a bottle, transporting you instantly to the most comforting few months of the year.

So, if you’re in the market for a new signature scent, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to discover nine new floral, woody and musky fragrances that are perfect for the autumn/winter months…

  • Boy Smells Hinoki Fantome

    This gorgeous fragrance is perfect for inspiring a semblance of zen. It’s quiet and woody with a sexy, smoky quality. As for fragrance notes, there’s Japanese cypress, tobacco leaves, oakmoss and smoked leather enveloped in amber. It’s clean, earthy and smooth – a real, sexy winner. 

    Shop Boy Smells Hinoki Fantome at Cult Beauty, £105

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  • Byredo Eyes Closed

    With notes like patchouli, papyrus, ginger, carrot, cinnamon and cardamom, this gorgeously modern fragrance is a woody floral with just the right amount of musk. It pulls you in and smells soothing and warm on the skin. 

    Shop Byredo Eyes Closed at SpaceNK, £130

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  • Jo Malone London White Moss and Snowdrop

    This year’s festive fragrance from Jo Malone is a good one. With fresh forest moss, a warm touch of golden amber, all mixed up in a crisp, powdery snowdrop – it’s sparkling, refreshing and winter warming, all in one. 

    Shop Jo Malone London White Moss and Snowdrop at Lookfantastic, £115

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  • Maison Margiela Replica Autumn Vibes

    Inspired by the memory of an afternoon walk in the woods at golden hour, this fragrance really is autumn, bottled. With fresh, colourful spices like cardamom and pink peppercorn, plus cedar wood, moss and fir balsam – it’s like taking a deep breath of woody autumn air, instantly transporting you to a forest of towering, golden trees. 

    Shop Maison Margiela Replica Autumn Vibes at Sephora, £51

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  • Phlur Missing Person

    It’s one of the most talked about fragrances of the year and for good reason. Phlur’s nostalgic musky scent feels instantly familiar, lingering on the skin and making you immediately want to embrace whoever’s wearing it. 

    Shop Phlur Missing Person at Selfridges, £96

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  • Prada Paradoxe

    Delicate, light and crisp but still packing enough punch to be worn all day long, this beautiful floral fragrance is the perfect summer to autumn transition. It blends neroli, amber and musk for a perfume paradox that shouldn’t work – but really, really does.  

    Shop Prada Paradoxe at Boots, £83

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  • Tom Ford Bois Marocain

    This deeply spicy, woody scent is gorgeously rich and decadent. Capturing the opulent essence of the ancient thuya tree, there’s notes of cedarwood atlas, pink peppercorn and molten wood. A definite must-smell. 

    Shop Tom Ford Bois Marocain at Sephora, £195

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  • Aesop Eidesis

    With an earthy, woody base and notes of black pepper, frankincense and sandalwood – this captivating fragrance is light, fresh and sparkling on first spritz, before settling into a warm and rich linger. It’s gorgeous. 

    Shop Aesop Eidesis at John Lewis, £140

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  • Frederic Malle Uncut Gem

    Blending ginger, bergamot and mandarin orange, this intriguing fragrance is masculine and sensual – like a warm, woody fire. Musk helps it to linger on the skin and draw people in while a splash of citrus keeps it light and crisp.

    Shop Frederic Malle Uncut Gem at Selfridges, £188

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