The Ordinary's $6 Concealer Outlasts All of the Expensive Ones I've Tried

The Ordinary's $6 Concealer Outlasts All of the Expensive Ones I've Tried

The Ordinary Concealer Review

Thanks to The Ordinary, everyone — from my mom to TikTok teens — knows the difference between salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

The Canadian brand has revolutionized the way we shop for skincare, turning all of us into our own personal cosmetic chemists.

Finding the right combinations of The Ordinary's quality, clinical and science-based formulas to treat various skin concerns is one reason why there are dozens of Reddit threads and a Facebook group with over 100,000 enthusiastic members dedicated to the brand, but it's also the wildly affordable, almost unbelievable prices that make the products go viral.

The Ordinary has taken the same approach when it's launched makeup products. In 2017, the $7 Serum and Coverage Foundations racked up a 25,000 person waitlist ahead of their launch. Now, The Ordinary is adding a full-coverage concealer into the mix, simply called Concealer.

Formulated to provide thick, full coverage but spreadable enough so that it doesn't settle into fine lines, the Concealer promises to cover up blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles with a natural, second-skin finish. It comes in a tube about the size of a lip balm and has a teeny nozzle to allow for precise, targeted application directly onto the skin.

Now that the formula's out of the way, let's talk shades. The Concealer comes in 36 shades that echo the original Foundation range. They're also are numbered and paired with a letter that corresponds to a skin undertone, such as N for neutral, P for pink, R for red, and Y for yellow.

The Ordinary Concealer Review

To shop: $6;

The Ordinary isn't lying when they said this concealer is full coverage. A few tiny dots is enough to cover the darkness under my eyes, redness around my nose, and hyperpigmentation on my jaw line from old hormonal breakouts.

The concealer is actually so thick that I couldn't blend it with my fingers, but I had no problem buffing it out with a sponge and. It's cliche to say, but a little goes a long way, and while the tube is tiny compared to other concealers on the market, I think it'll be good for a couple months of use.

The Ordinary Concealer Review

The Verdict

Given the numbering system, I had no issues finding a shade that compliments my skin's undertones and I think most people won't have a problem finding the perfect match. I particularly liked that I didn't need to use a ton of product to get the coverage I desired and that despite being ridiculously thick, the concealer didn't feel heavy on my face. What really left me floored is staying power of The Ordinary's Concealer. I applied it in the morning, went for a five mile walk while wearing a face mask, and it still looked freshly applied by 8PM that night. It truly didn't melt, settle into my maskne, oxidize, or even transfer onto my mask.

I'm sold.

The Ordinary Concealer is available for $6 at

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