Patchology's New Eye Gels Are Like Mood Rings For Your Under-Eye Circles

Patchology's New Eye Gels Are Like Mood Rings For Your Under-Eye Circles

Patchology’s New Eye Gels Are Like Mood Rings For Your Under-Eye Circles

There are few luxuries in this world as simple and relaxing as under-eye gels. Throughout my years as a beauty editor, these little comma-shaped indulgences have become an essential part of my routine and one of my favorite ways to unwind.

Patchology makes some of my favorite varieties, which is why I was ecstatic when I heard the brand was launching a new line of tea-infused “Moodpatches” to suit every situation. Considering I often wear these little patches in the morning at work while checking my email, when I get home and watch TV, and before I go out dancing with my buds on the weekend, it only makes sense that I’d have a different gel for each occasion.

In the morning as I type away at my computer, I’ll slip on the green tea-packed Perk Up gels, which contain depuffing power and brightening mulberry so no one can tell I stayed up too late watching The Sopranos (I’m on the last season and it’s really good!). It also smells like bergamot, which energizes me and allows me to stay focused.

When I finally make my way home from work and plop onto my couch to start the Soprano cycle all over again, I pop on the “calming tea” coated Down Time gels. They’re scented with ingredients that allow me to unwind, like calendula (which is anti-inflammatory), evening primrose extract (to detoxify), and lavender, which will eventually make me sleepy enough to close my laptop screen.

As for the weekend, my favorite part about going out to a bar or restaurant is the prep work. It’s the only time I really get to use my large collection of products and really pamper myself. Before I slather on the makeup, I can place the Happy Place gels beneath my eyes for a hibiscus tea treat. The coconut extract and lotus flower ingredients hydrate my skin and prep them for the mound of concealer that will eventually go on top, while the floral and citrus scents put me in a great mood while I listen to my ’90s girl group playlists.

Ahead, check out all three of the eye gels that you’ll be able to shop on the brand’s website starting April 1.

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