Lip gloss nails are everywhere: 6 minimalist manicures we’re copying immediately

Lip gloss nails are everywhere: 6 minimalist manicures we’re copying immediately

Written by Lucy Partington

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First we had glazed donut nails, then came blush nails, and now lipgloss nails are having their time in the limelight. 

It’s safe to say we have Hailey Bieber to thank for the obsession we all have with getting our nails done. It was her glazed donut manicure that took over TikTok last year, and since then, there’s been an explosion of new – and achievable – trends that we’re all desperate to try.

First came blush nails – a Korean-inspired manicure that has an almost-airbrushed effect – and now it’s the turn of lip gloss nails. Don’t worry, the world hasn’t gone mad, and we’re not applying sticky, gloopy gloss onto our fingertips. Instead, the look takes inspiration from the plump, high-shine and natural-looking finish that a good lip gloss has. 

It’s the perfect manicure for any minimalist: it’s not fussy, it’s not bright; it’s simply your nails but so, so much better. You can keep the polish completely clear and let your natural nails shine through or you could opt for a polish that lends a sheer wash of light pink to add a little bit of interest. If you really want to push the boat out, there’s always the option of using a polish that has a subtle sparkle or pearlescent effect.

For the regular salon goers, we like The Gel Bottle’s Builder in a Bottle in the shade Teddy for a glossy hint of pink, or if you’re looking for an at-home polish, try Nails Inc Correct, Conceal and Heal Make-Up, £14, which disguises discolouration and strengthens nails. If you want a clear polish, Essie’s Hard To Resist Advanced Nail Strengthener, £10.99, is a great choice. We also love Dior’s Nail Glow, £25, which works to enhance the colour of your natural nails. 

And if it’s simply some inspiration you’re looking for, we’ve got that covered, too…

  • Sheer pink lip gloss nails

  • Pearlescent lip gloss nails

  • Short and sweet lip gloss nails

  • Lip gloss nails with minimal nail art

  • Subtle shimmer lip gloss nails

  • Milky white lip gloss nails

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