How to tint your eyebrows at home

How to tint your eyebrows at home

If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s just how much we need and value beauty professionals. Hairdressers, nail technicians, waxers and eyebrow artists – we salute you.

Since we’ve stopped being able Treatwell our way to better grooming, lots of us have turned to Google for advice on personal hygiene and beauty.

Research from has found that there’s been a 3,300% increase in Google searches for ‘How to cut a fringe at home’, an 8,100% increase in ‘How to remove gel nails’ and a whopping 8,700% increase in people asking how to tint their eyebrows.

So what’s the best way to tint your eyebrows at home? We asked brow expert Suman Jalaf, also known as Brow By Suman, how to create beautifully shaped brows that will last for weeks.

Suman tells ‘Tinting thinner eyebrows will help to make them look full and thick. And they can help you look and feel good while in isolation.

‘Brows frame your face and that extra colour boost can give it life again. Tinting tends to last up to a month on medium blonde clients and it’s easy to re-do.’

Suman says that she’s often asked whether tinting eyebrows regularly is as bad for the hair as bleaching head hair but in actual fact, brow dye is more gentle.

‘It’s frustrating when I hear clients tell their hairdresser or colourist to chuck a bit of leftover hair dye on their brows – that’s a total no-no for me. Hair dye is full of chemicals that are too harsh for brow hair.

How to tint your eyebrows

First off, you need to get yourself an eyebrow tinting kit. Most kits have the same process so just go with whichever brand you prefer. Suman recommends these three:

Step one: Prep your tint mixture

You’ll find a tube of dye cream in the kit, and a dropper bottle of colour activator. Combine 1cm of cream (or 3 pea-sized dollops) and about 4/5drops of the activator into the mixing dish before mixing together until you get a spreadable consistency.

If you think you need to add another 1/2 drop of activator, you can. 

Have the following next to you throughout this process:

  • damp cotton pads
  • cotton buds
  • Vaseline

Step two: Prep your skin

Once your tint is ready, prep your skin by making sure all makeup is removed. Apply a moisture barrier around your brows (to prevent from any staining the skin or any slips ups). Vaseline is fine. You just want to create a thin layer underneath your brow shape.

Step three: Brush your brows

Now brush your brow hairs upwards to get them prepared. We want to keep them in the brow shape. Make sure you have a makeup brush with thin bristles to help you with the application of the tint going on (making sure that you clean your brush after).

Step four: Apply the dye

Spread your mixture over the eyebrows, making sure that each hair is coated and shaped the way you want it. I focus a lot on the fluffy start of my brow because these are the lightest of hairs…but you don’t want that part too block-looking or dark, so just take it easy.

Step five: Wait it out

How long you should wait really depends on your desired depth of colour. 15 minutes is the max if you like your brows extra dark.(Cara Delevinge style) but for most, 8-10 minutes is long enough. For the front part of brows, you want to avoid it looking too blocky, so leave that section for 6-7 minutes then start to remove the dye while the rest of the brow is still developing.

Remember, the longer the tint, the more colour you’ll have left on the skin as well. 

Step six: Remove the excess

To remove, simply wet a cotton pad and rub the mixture off. Start one way, slide it off and use another clean cotton damp pad to run through the brows twice more.

Remove the colour from the brow you started with first and then go onto the second brow. Suman recommends using Refectocil Sensitive Tint Remover (£16.49, Amazon).

Step seven: Add a little fluff

Now that you have a fresh tint, all you need to do is run a styling gel across your brows to give them a cheeky fluff. Simply use a clear brow gel mascara to comb the hairs upwards to give them a fuller look.

Et voila – salon-fancy brows from the comfort of your own home!

‘Have fun and play it safe – be careful not to get this in your eyes,’ says Suman.

‘If you find your skin gets irritated from the dye, soothe the skin with aloe vera, rosehip oil or rose water to calm it down naturally.’

To see more of Suman’s brow creations and to book an appointment once this madness is over, check out her Instagram page.

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