Face Card: Doja Cat’s Best Makeup Moments So Far

Face Card: Doja Cat’s Best Makeup Moments So Far

Doja Cat is not just a singer but a visionary. After shaving her head and eyebrows three months ago on Instagram live and facing a load of unwanted online criticism, the Grammy award-winning artist is using her newfound look as a blank canvas to color outside the lines, pushing the boundaries past a traditional face.

From creative direction to her personality, the “Woman” singer has always been innovative yet distinctive. Initially playing it safe with complex eyeshadows from geometric shapes to intermediate cut creases, it feels as though she craved more. Discovering and reimagining an inventive visage of eyebrows, the expressive genius turned to a thin white pencil, a drawing of mini apples and hearts, or even accouterments to devise the perfect arch.

Her artistic pursuits broke the glass ceiling during Fashion month when she fed the algorithm refreshing beauty moments that further solidified her stardom. Masked in deep blue contour, flaunting elongated striped lips to resemble the Thome Brown show, and, a personal favorite, an infinite spiral pattern dominating her entire head —Doja used the power of makeup to transform.

Doja is an artist we have never experienced before. While we have Rihanna continuously raising the bar in fashion, it seems as though Doja is committed to pushing the bounds of beauty, bringing waves of excitement for what she’ll post next. When you think you’ve found a new way to show up to a runway show, Doja Cat’s glam will be lightyears ahead.

Scroll ahead to see our round-up of Doja Cat’s best makeup moments so far.

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