Demi Lovato’s New Pink Pixie Cut Is A HUGE Change

Demi Lovato’s New Pink Pixie Cut Is A HUGE Change

Demi Lovato just teased yet another new ‘do on Instagram on Jan. 10, the Robyn vibes are so strong. The "Still Have Me" singer recently shocked fans with a completely unexpected, platinum blonde pixie on November 2020, and now, between an attempted coup and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Lovato’s new pink pixie cut is yet another example of the blissful escapism I need to forget about everything else. Between the pastel pink color, the leopard print coat, and her clear glasses she wears in the video, I’m ready to take my a bottle of manic panic, lock the bathroom door, and let the universe take control.

Lovato revealed the pink ‘do in an Instagram Reel video, in which she shows off neutral makeup and fiddles with her bubblegum pink hair, cut into a mushroom pixie cut with baby bangs and is a bit shorter than her original pixie cut in November. In the video’s caption, Lovato tagged hairstylist Amber Maynard Bolt, the mastermind behind the new color and cut. Naturally, fans flooded the comments, mostly with heart emojis and "OMG DEMETRIA": a stunningly accurate depiction of my brain’s insides.

In her first post debuting the pixie cut on Nov. 18, the pop star showed off what looks to be a blonde undercut with her natural, brown hair buzzed close to her skull all around the sides and back. In the pictures posted following, you can see Lovato got a longer pixie undercut, with her longer layers casually swept up to show off seamless shadow roots. The singer only just went blonde on Nov. 16, though the waist-length change-up was temporary for the E! People’s Choice Awards.

At the time of her platinum pixie change, Lovato shared she went to her go-to hairstylist Paul Norton for her hairstyling, but Bolt was responsible for the cut and color then, too. "There is something about changing your hair so drastically that allows you to own yourself in a way you never thought," Bolt wrote on Instagram on Nov. 19 about Lovato’s new look.

Celebrity friends like Ruby Rose, Lucy Hale, and Kerry Washington have all sounded off with excitement about this change up in Lovato’s comments, alongside the more than 2 million fans who have liked Lovato’s post. I may not have much, but at least I have a steady stream of new Demi hairdos to scream about.

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