7 Moisturizing Nail Polish Removers That Don't Leave Nails Dry

7 Moisturizing Nail Polish Removers That Don't Leave Nails Dry

It's cheesy but, true: All good things must come to end — including your manicure.

Whether you want to enjoy the colorful nail art you splurged on for as long as possible or have been too lazy to take off your chipped DIY manicure, removing nail polish isn't exactly a good time. And that's another reason why you've been avoiding it.

A lot of acetone-based removers can also be rough on nails, leaving the nail beds dry and dull, along with the cuticles, too. Then there's the overpowering smell that can be headache-inducing for anyone who's sensitive to scent.

The good news is that there are a number of acetone-free formulas on the market, many of which are infused with nourishing plant-based extracts and vitamins that help maintain nail health.

So whether you're a chronic spiller or simply want an unscented option, the following seven clean nail polish removers will make taking off your next manicure a much more pleasant experience.

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Sundays Pr.01 Soy Polish Remover

While Sundays’ glass bottle will look gorgeous in your bathroom, the actual remover will do wonders for your nails, too. The soy-based formula is infused with nourishing vitamins A, C, and E, and grapefruit essential oils to prevent nails from getting dried out during the removal process. However, it’s worth noting that soy removers won’t remove gel polish and acrylics. 

Static Nails 100% Non-Toxic Hydrating Nail Polish Remover

What’s unique about this pink-tinted acetone-free remover is that it also can be used to remove stubborn glitter polish and even press-on nails. 

The Sign Tribe Remove and Chill Nail Polish Eraser Cream

This nail polish remover cream (yes cream) is scent-free and simultaneously hydrates nails and cuticles during the process. To use, simply apply a thick layer over the nail bed and let it marinate for one minute for every layer of nail polish. Then, massage and remove the cream with a cotton pad.  

Ella + Mila Unscented Soy Polish Remover

If you get headaches from the overpowering scent of many traditional nail polish removers, Ella + Mila’s unscented soy-based polish remover was made with you in mind. The vitamin-infused remover can be used to take off any nail polish that isn’t gel. 

Olive & June Nail Polish Remover Pot

For anyone who manages to spill polish remover every time they use it, this Olive & June pot is going to save the finish on your wood kitchen table. Simply stick each finger into the jar for mess-free removal. It now comes with a sponge-top lid to be used on toes. 

TenOverTen Rose Polish Remover

This soft rose-scented remover makes taking your nail polish off at home a spa-like experience. The acetone and paraben-free formula includes strengthening plant extracts to help maintain nail health. 

Côte Takeoff Towel

Whether you want to eliminate the risks of spills, take your polish off on the go, or need to touch up a mistake mid-manicure, these remover-soaked pads are your solution. The acetone-free formula comes with an energizing orange scent. 

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