10 blunt (and semi-blunt) bobs that are perfect for an autumn refresh

10 blunt (and semi-blunt) bobs that are perfect for an autumn refresh

Written by Morgan Fargo

If you’re considering a blunt bob hairstyle or wondering if there’s something not quite so blunt (there is!) but you’re stuck for inspiration, then look no further.

The world of bob haircuts can feel overwhelming. There’s the midi bob, the French bob and the Italian bob all gaining traction on social media and in salon chairs. But there’s also the collarbone bob, curly bob and curtain bob – all classic styles maintaining their popularity. One signature bob haircut straddles both camps: very popular while remaining classic. Naturally, I’m referring to the blunt bob. 

Instantly identifiable by the signature sharp line, the blunt bob has had a few iterations: angled, long, chin-length, wavy, layered or otherwise. Before you head to the salon, heed some inspiration from our curated edit of the types of blunt bob (including some semi-blunt and soft bobs).

  1. 1.

    Long blunt bob

    Just off a mid-length style, this tousled blunt bob sits just shy of the collarbones.

  2. 2.

    Rounded blunt bob

    A softer approach, gently rounding the ends, adds shape and fullness to the ends of the hair.

  3. 3.

    Face-framing blunt bob

    Carefully placed face-framing highlights (also known as halo-lights or money-piece highlights) and a slightly tapered shape opens up this blunt bob – softening the effect and adding dimension.

  4. 4.

    Chin-length blunt bob

    Cut in line with the jaw and lips, this classic bob can be curled under or left straight at the ends depending on how structured or soft you prefer it to look.

  5. 5.

    Wavy blunt bob

    Much like the stacked bob, a blunt curly bob can create lightness, body and shape throughout the hair. 

  1. 6.

    Blunt bob with fringe

    A sweeping fringe (or curtain bang) works well with a blunt bob and can help make it suit your face shape perfectly.

  2. 7.

    Angled blunt bob

    Cut on the bias, this angled style draws the eye towards the chin and bottom of the face. 

  3. 8.

    Blunt collarbone bob

    Resting on the shoulders, this one-length blunt bob is versatile enough to tie back without venturing into truly long territory.

  4. 9.

    Blunt nape bob

    Longer than a chin-length bob, this style is cut below the chin and rests on the nape of the neck. Carefully cut layers add body throughout the middle of the hair – ideal to stop the heavy curtain effect either side of the face.

  5. 10.

    Razor-sharp blunt bob

    Sharp as anything, this blunt bob sits at one length with a knife-edge finish. 

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