Shoppers slam Asda for selling peeled 'whole' pineapple inside plastic box

Shoppers slam Asda for selling peeled 'whole' pineapple inside plastic box

ASDA have been shamed for selling a peeled pineapple – sealed inside a plastic box.

School teacher Jeff Pedley could barely believe his eyes when he spotted the item at a store near his home in Grays, Essex.

The 33-year-old sarcastically posted a snap on social media, asking the supermarket : “You do know that pineapples come in their own, natural casing?”

The pictures show the £1.75 pineapple, which has had the outer skin and core removed, contained in a plastic box with a plastic film lid.

His post prompted disbelief and anger among  social media users.

Bec McKeown, said: “But, but, you mean you actually want people to peel and cut the things themselves?”


@KJTaylor_73 said: “Have Asda not heard of plastic pollution!”

@Daz_H_arrison commented: “Not even recyclable plastic.”

Ceridwen Coulby said: “Shame on you Asda, with plastics choking the planet most shops are trying to cut down on plastic packaging, there is literally no need for this.

“As Jeff says it is pre-wrapped by nature.”

Jokingly, Dean Probert said: “Pineapples in this type of packaging really lack a peel.”

Speaking today, Jeff described Asda offering this product as “a kick in the teeth” towards protecting the environment.

He said: “We all know the damage that single-use plastics are doing to the environment.

“I personally take part in a beach-cleaning project on the Thames in Grays and am used to seeing thousands of pieces of plastic wash up onto the shore.

“It must be said that most supermarkets seem to be actively starting to reduce their plastic use, therefore it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth to Asda doing the opposite and covering fruit (already with a natural case) with single use plastic.

“People put convenience over environmental value.”

An Asda spokesman said: “Plastic reduction is really important to us, which is why we have removed 6,500 tonnes of unnecessary plastic packaging from our own brand products over the last year and have committed to ensuring all of our packaging is fully recyclable by 2025.”


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