Police accidentally pepper spray their OWN officers

Police accidentally pepper spray their OWN officers

Police accidentally pepper spray their OWN officers during protests outside of Bulgarian Parliament

  •  Tear gas meant for protesters blew back into police’s faces due to strong winds
  •  Officers desperately try to wash their eyes with water as protesters look on
  •  The video has been viewed thousands of times on social media

Police in Bulgaria got hit by their own weaponry after tear gas meant for the protesting crowd was blown back over them by strong winds. 

The officers were forming a barricade against anti-government protesters outside Bulgarian parliament this weekend when one officer decided to deploy some tear gas.  

Unfortunately for the officers a strong wind was blowing in their direction, as can be seen with the movement of the protester’s flags. 

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Immediately dispersing from their post and desperately covering their eyes the officer’s tear gas seemed to have the desired effect, just on the wrong people. 

The chemical rendered the officers unable to do their jobs for several minutes as they scrabbled to wash their eyes. 

The protest was taking place outside of the parliament in the Bulgarian Capital Sofia and was organised via social media.

Protesters are said to be demanding a national referendum to change the government to ‘direct democracy’ and ‘ fight against corruption’, according to Btvnovinite.

The moment police are sprayed in the face as tear gas intended for the rioting crowd is blown back in their faces

Covering their eyes and dousing their faces in water the officers are incapacitated by the spray

Officers less affected by the mace help other police officers by supplying water to them 

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