Pictured: Man who ‘stole £1.75m Ferrari during test drive’ in Germany

Pictured: Man who ‘stole £1.75m Ferrari during test drive’ in Germany

Pictured: Suspect who ‘stole £1.75million Ferrari during test drive’ as officers say the car has been found hidden in a garage

  • Thief posing as a would-be buyer made off with £1.75million Ferrari 288 GTO 
  • German police located the car Wednesday, 15 miles from where it was taken
  • But they are still looking for the thief, and have issued an appeal for information

German police are hunting for a thief who ran off with a £1.75million Ferrari during a test drive after posing as a potential buyer.

Detectives found the car hidden inside a garage in Grevenbroich on Wednesday, 15 miles from where it was taken in Dusseldorf on Monday.

But they are continuing to hunt for the man who they say stole it, and who was fortunately caught on camera behind the car before making his getaway.  

The red Ferrari 288 GTO is one of only 272 ever built with aficionados known to include former F1 driver Eddie Irvine.

Police are hunting for this man who they accuse of stealing a £1.75million Ferrari during a test drive in Dusseldorf on Monday

The would-be buyer was caught on camera next to the car before he made off with it. The vehicle has since been found hidden in a garage 

Irvine, from Northern Ireland, was a teammate of F1 legend Michael Schumacher, winning four Grand Prixs during his career racing for Ferrari, Jordan and Jaguar.

Police in the city said the man answering an advertisement for the supercar, first registered in 1985, turned up for a previously agreed appointment on Monday.

German media carried pictures showing the suspect approaching the car.

He and the seller went on a test drive for around six miles (10km) from Dusseldorf to Neuss, during which the seller got out of the car to swap places with the would-be buyer. 

The man got into the driver’s seat, hit the gas pedal and sped off, police said.

According to Bild the man police are hunting is said to have been French-speaking.   

Police eventually found the car in a garage around 15 miles from where it was stolen, and have taken it back to its owner

The red supercar was taken during a test drive from Dusseldorf to Neuss, German police said

Bernhard Kerkloh, Managing Rirector of the dealership said the alleged thief was ‘quite relaxed’ during the meeting and had been interested in the Ferrari for two or three weeks. 

He also said he was still hopeful the thief would be apprehended as the car was very distinctive and fingerprints were left all over it. 

Kerkloh told German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt: ‘You can not bring the car into the market. The car is too flashy.’

The Ferarri 288 GTO was approved in January 1985 and had only 42,532 accident-free kilometres on the clock. 

When introduced to the Geneva Motor Show in 1984, it was the most powerful and fastest sports car Ferrari had ever built. 

The GTO has 400hp, black full leather seats and is ‘in the best condition’, according to local media.     

F1 racing star Eddie Irvine was reportedly a previous owner of the rare Ferrari stolen durig a test drive in Dusseldorf

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