How scantily-clad cleaners earn thousands revealing tidying tips in YouTube videos

How scantily-clad cleaners earn thousands revealing tidying tips in YouTube videos

TWO YouTube stars are raking in thousands of pounds by filming themselves cleaning while scantily-clad.

Social media stars Ruby Day and Rose Kelly have amassed a large following online for their raunchy speed-cleaning videos.

Ruby has a staggering 437,000 subscribers with more than 89 million channel views and insists her content is popular because it features ASMR sounds – soothing noises which some people find relaxing.

She said: “My YouTube channel is about helping others live a happy and healthy life through positivity, fitness, yoga, simple and healthy recipes, healthy living and life motivation.

“So naturally cleaning videos fit right into the type of videos I create.

“I know I sometimes need motivation and inspiration to clean so I figured my viewers could too so cleaning videos was a natural addition to helping people live a happier and healthy life."


Ruby added: “There’s a myriad of different reasons why cleaning videos have become popular.

“I’ve heard some people love the ASMR sounds of cleaning, they watch them to learn how to clean or to pick up tricks and new ways to better clean.

“Some people watch them for motivation to do the house chores that no one wants to do, (while) others watch them out of curiosity."

Ruby also has a patreon account where people can subscribe to gain access to premium content.

Another Youtube star Rose Kelly, who makes a number of different types of videos, is most known for her cleaning videos.

One of her most popular videos is a video called “Speed cleaning the house for mommies” which has more than 4.7 million views/

She said: “I find it very calming and then inspiring to get my place cleaned up.”

It comes as Sophie Hinchliffe's cleaning routines have gained her an army of fans.

Known as Mrs Hinch, she's seen her followers skyrocket to over two million and she's even releasing a book.


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