Foodie shares photo of his 'lettuce toastie' on Facebook and gets ripped to shreds

Foodie shares photo of his 'lettuce toastie' on Facebook and gets ripped to shreds

The picture was uploaded to Rate My Plate, a Facebook group used for people to upload snaps of their food where it is often harshly criticised.

The picture was uploaded by a supposedly unsuspecting user with the caption “LTB – Lettuce Toast Buttie by Shaun W.”

The picture shows a bland stack of sliced lettuce sandwiched between two pieces of toast, a recipe we can only hope is a joke.

There’s no hiding from the subsequent shame as the 'chef' captured his own reflection in his stainless steel kettle.

Since uploading his masterpiece on Wednesday, it has received around 6,000 comments, almost all of which are negative and offer Shaun some useful advice.

One Facebook user commented: “Is this a representation of your personality.. you f****** dry lunch!”
Another wrote: “Even my rabbit wouldn’t touch that monstrosity ffs.”

A third added: “In comparison to this, Brexit is a great idea.”

One Facebook user said Shaun’s sandwich was the representation of sadness as a flavour.

Another person said: “Lettuce pray we never have to eat that s***.”

Shaun also endured some scathing attacks after people spotted his reflection in the kettle.

One man said: “Why does the man in the kettle only have three fingers on each hand? Wolverine right there!”

Another wrote: “I can see your reflection through that kettle you wet quilt! You may as well just fill that plate up with grass you reprobate.”

Tom Crook asked: “What the f*** is Louis Theroux doing in your kettle?”

Coming just after the roast of Carol C for her sad-looking fry-up, it seems no one is safe from the critique of the Facebook foodies and trolls.

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