Fiancee’s father confirms Grand Designs couple ARE still together

Fiancee’s father confirms Grand Designs couple ARE still together

‘They’ve had their ups and downs but they’re STILL a couple!’ Fiancee’s father says ‘all is good’ with Grand Designs pair who sparked split rumours when she failed to appear at end of show

  • EXCLUSIVE: Chris and Roxie, both 24, started building an experimental ‘boxed’ house in 2017 
  • The couple from Hertfordshire started with £220K but ended up spending over the odds and reached £300K
  • During the show they both expressed their doubts about their nine-year relationship when going gets tough 
  • End of show was left ambiguous as to whether or not they were still an item and if Roxie was living there
  • But Roxie’s father Andy Ford told MailOnline they’ve moved in and they are still together – despite problems  

The ‘strained’ couple whose relationship was tested during last night’s Grand Designs – leaving viewers on tenterhooks – are still together, MailOnline can reveal.

TV viewers were left wondering if Chris and Roxie, both 24, from Hertfordshire, the youngest couple ever to attempt building their own home on the Channel 4 show, had split up after the stress of the build took its toll on their relationship.

Their relationship status was cast into further doubt when she failed to appear at the end of the show. But Roxie’s father, Andy Ford, today insisted that the feisty pair are still very much together – despite having their differences.

Speaking to MailOnline, he said: ‘They’ve moved into the property now, although Chris is away travelling at the moment. He rang me this morning.

‘They are still a couple. They’ve had their ups and downs – as everybody does – but they are still together.

At the start of the show, Chris  and Roxie (pictured), both 24, are hopeful about their endeavour. The couple has been together for nine years and have been saving up to build a house

‘The reaction from viewers has really given us a bit of a laugh, we were looking at all the comments on Twitter last night during the show.

‘When people were asking where Roxie was, we joked that she was under the patio. But the truth is that she was at work and couldn’t make the filming. Simple as that.’

The couple’s idea was to create a low energy, low impact house out of ‘flatpack’ plywood. But throughout the programme it became clear relations between the pair had became strained. 

At the end of the episode, only Chris was present to welcome presenter Kevin McCloud for a visit at the finished property, and it was never revealed whether they had gone their separate ways.

While he explained that Roxie was ‘working’, it wasn’t clear whether the couple, who were together for nine years before starting the project, had survived the experience or not.  

Roxie’s father Andy Ford is pictured near his home today. He told MailOnline his daughter and her fiance are still together 

But Mr Ford said that Chris has been working in Hong Kong while his fiancée is still in the UK.

He added: ‘They’ve got a few debts but so do a lot of young couples. I can reassure people that they’re still together and they’re good.’ 

On his Facebook profile, the last picture of the couple together was posted in 2017. They included snaps of them on holiday in Dubai, on a a beach, in a swimming pool, and at his graduation from university.

Chris last posted a picture of the property in December, and there is no trace of her anywhere on his social media accounts over the last year. 

On one of his profiles he lists himself as a Senior International Development Manager for property consultancy Knights Frank, which is based in Marylebone, central London.

Roxie (pictured above) said that she knew her boyfriend Chris had been keeping things to himself during the time of the project

Chris (pictured above) admitted that working full time and trying to embark on the project had ‘been a nightmare’ for the couple

Chris and Roxie’s finished house at the end of the episode. The couple had planned to spend £220,000 on the house, including the land, but ended up spending £300,000

Chris (right) and Roxie (left) explain their plan to Kevin McCloud before getting started on construction at the site

The couple were laughing and joking throughout part of the building project and were seen drilling and wearing high vis jackets

After the show aired last night viewers of the show flocked to Twitter, with one asking: ‘Roxie isn’t at work, is she…’.

‘Everyone watching #granddesignsstreet right now: searching for evidence that two people are actually living in this house,’ wrote another. 

And one remarked: ‘Yeah they’re deffo not together anymore then (sic).’ 

Some were rooting for the young couple to have made it, with one tweeting: ‘Building projects are always stressful. However much planning you do. I so hope these two get their home finished and can enjoy it together.’ 

During the show, Chris admitted: ‘Working full-time and trying to do a house build is a nightmare,’ adding: ‘This makes me feel as if I’m kind of a failure.’

Chris and Roxie, pictured in Dubai in March 2016, were the youngest couple ever to attempt building their own home on the Channel 4 show

The couple, pictured were together for nine years before starting the project

The pair (pictured) suffered a number of set-backs and unexpected bills, with Chris resorting to hiding stuff from his fiancée

Viewers suspected everything might be over between the young couple, and pointed out the stress of building a house together might have been too much to bear

The pair suffered a number of set-backs and unexpected bills, with Chris resorting to hiding stuff from his fiancée. 

‘I’ve started not telling Rox certain things, and that’s starting to really show, because she’s become more aware that I’m keeping things from her and that’s started to put a real strain on our relationship,’ Chris explained. 

Roxie said: ‘I know he’s keeping it to himself so that I don’t get stressed or worry about it, which is frustrating because I want to know about it.’ 

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    Many people tweeted that it was unlikely that the couple (pictured above) were still living together following the making of the home

    Many people tweeted after the show to question where Roxie (pictured) was and even started a hashtag ‘where’sRoxie’ after she failed to appear at the end of the show

    At the end of last night’s show it was unclear if the couple (pictured) are still together and it sparked a flurry of tweets suggesting they may have split

    The young couple’s budget for their endeavour was £220,000, including the land, but they ended up spending £300,000

    Chris (pictured in a more recent Facebook picture without Roxie) and his fiancee were one of 10 couples who were building a new home on the show

    Do you know Chris or Roxie?

    Contact: [email protected]

    Chris goes on to question whether it’s all ‘worth it’, adding: ‘Yes, we could probably get the job done, but are we going to survive as a couple?

    ‘It kind of takes the pleasure of what you’ve had for nine years as a relationship and starts to really break things apart and dissect who you are as people and can you work together.’

    Roxie also began to express her doubts about their relationship, although she hinted hers were present before the construction work began. 

    Chris and Roxie’s house during construction. The building is made of flat-packed boxes, and are clad in Red Cedar Wood

    The finished dining-room shown at the end of tonight’s Grand Designs: The Street, which left viewers on the edge of their seat

    ‘It’s been on my mind every day,’ she said. ‘It was before the house.’ 

    The couple set themselves an ambitious task: building a house made entirely from 380 plywood boxes, following a flat pack system. 

    The structure was insulated from the outside with sustainable sheep wool and then covered in Western Red Cedar wood, painted black. Their design also featured an alternative heating system relying on pipes instead of radiators. 

    The finished kitchen of Chris and Roxy after one year of works that put a lot of stress and strain on the young couple

    Viewers also poked fun at their unusual flatpack design, with the Ikea jokes coming thick and fast. Some joked that it was the ‘house that Ikea built’

    The young couple’s budget for their endeavour was £220,000, including the land, but they ended up spending £300,000. 

    Chris, a consultant in building materials, admitted that Roxie, who had been working at an upmarket supermarket since she was 18 in order to gather enough savings, was the financial hero of the whole project. 

    The couple met at their school’s drama club, where they acted in a scene together and fell in love. 

    Roxie (pictured above) was seen getting into the spirit of things during the show but was unable to get the time off work for the ending

    At the end of the show Chris (pictured above) was seen texting, with many social media users joking that he was messaging Roxie to come back

    At the beginning of the episode Chris and Roxie revealed they were engaged but not yet living together, as they preferred staying at home with their parents to save money to fund their life together. 

    The cracks in their project plans started to show early on, after they went over budget with one of the bathrooms and were forced to hire subcontractors to help, which left them having to borrow more cash.

    Five months in and the two are struggling with the complexity of their project and hit a cash-flow issue.  

    The couple stated on the show that they had to pay for a lot of things that they hadn’t expected to (Roxie pictured above looking out of the window)

    Chris stated that the relationship could be strained and that he had tried to not take his worries out on his girlfriend Roxie

    ‘There have been unexpected things we’ve had to pay for, like solar panels, a sprinkler system we didn’t know we had to have, and subcontractors,’ explained Chris, hinting that their money woes have hit their relationship hard.  

    ‘I try not to take it out on Roxie, because it’s not her fault,’ he says. ‘But sometimes I’m mad and I want to be mad.’

    At the end of the episode the house is complete after a year-long build – but Roxie is nowhere to be seen, prompting viewers to speculate whether he and Roxy were over.

    Some people hinted that the ‘Grand Designs curse’ was the reason that the couple broke up with and viewers were desperate to know if they were still together

    Viewers also poked fun at their unusual flatpack design, with the Ikea jokes coming thick and fast.

    One joked it was ‘the house Ikea built’, while another tweeted: ‘Won’t lie, I’m confused by a flatpack plywood house.’

    ‘Imagine the inferno if this ply house catches fire,’ wrote a concerned viewer regarding the wooden structure.

    Also featured on yesterday’s show was a family-of-four who had outgrown their home and decided to build one from scratch – with the father hoping to make it a bonding experience with his son.  

    What is Grand Designs: the Street? Channel 4 programme follows 10 couples as they embark on a five-year mission to construct their own homes

    Presenter Kevin McCloud was inspired to film the project after visiting The Netherlands in 2010 to see the largest self-built town near Amsterdam.

    ‘A small local authority at Bicester, Cherwell District Council, had also been bitten by the Almere bug,’ he explained.

    The development takes place at a site called Graven Hill, on the outskirts of Bicester, Oxfordshire.

    On the development’s website, it says it will ‘revolutionise the way in which properties are designed and built by offering a flexible alternative to the usual routes.

    It adds: ‘The plots will be surrounded by open, green spaces including woodland, allotments and a network of cycle and footpaths connecting to the town centre and local transport links, including one-hour train services to London.

    ‘The village will also have a primary school and retail space. Graven Hill prides itself on making dream homes that are out of the ordinary, a reality for many.’     

    The council invited people to purchase plots of land for £100K each, on which they could build their own properties.

    Cameras followed the DIY builders over a period of five years while they worked on their structures, which are all different from each other.

    Kevin said: ‘Ultimately there will be thousands of homes, some social housing, some custom-builds as well as self-builds.

    ‘I believe it’s a model that could be copied by local authorities up and down the land.’

    The presenter also said it was one of the most dramatic Grand Designs series he’s ever filmed, explaining: ‘Building for the first time brings with it a lot of financial, personal and emotional stress.’


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