‘Distracted boyfriend’ featured in new photo to promote pro-family program

‘Distracted boyfriend’ featured in new photo to promote pro-family program

The Hungarian government has placed the couple from the infamous “distracted boyfriend” internet meme on a series of billboards promoting the country’s new pro-family benefits program.

The couple was part of a series of photos taken by Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem in 2015. The most famous of these featured the boyfriend checking out another woman while seemingly unaware of girlfriend’s evident disdain. The photo has since been used in countless memes that satirize human’s indecision or lack of commitment, like this one:

The billboards in Hungary do not feature the "distracted boyfriend" photo, but another of the couple in an apparent loving embrace — a fact leading many to believe that the Hungarian government was perhaps unaware of the meme's popularity and meaning.

"The Happy couple gracing the Hungarian government's campaign advertising its new family policy is already famous on the internet…and not for being madly in love," tweeted Varlie Hopkins of the Financial Times.


The "pro-family" benefits program is a push by the Hungarian to increase its dwindling population. Under the proposals, Hungarian women with four or more children will be offered a lifetime tax exemption, The Hill reported.

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