Daughter's agony as smirking sicko stabbed her hero mum to death after she caught him sexually abusing her

Daughter's agony as smirking sicko stabbed her hero mum to death after she caught him sexually abusing her

A DAUGHTER has revealed her agony as the smirking maniac who stabbed her hero mum to death after she caught him sexually abusing her was today jailed.

Charlotte Reat, 22, watched as her mum Jayne Toal Reat, 43, was knifed repeatedly at a Christmas Day house party in Northern Ireland by "evil" Nathan Ward.

She held her dying mum in her arms following the "frenzied attack" after Jayne bravely stood in front of the knife to save her daughter's life.

Ward, 20, was today caged for life with a minimum of 17 years for murder, attempted murder of Charlotte and wounding of his dad Joseph Tweedie on Christmas Day 2017.

As he was led away to the cells, Charlotte broke down in tears after she revealed in an emotional statement it "destroys" her she never gets to see her "mummy again".

Sentencing, the judge told him: "You, Ward, have robbed her of her life and prospect.

"Nothing this court or you can ever do will even begin to undo the damage, the damage that you have caused her through your own uncontrolled hatreds and passions."


He had previously admitted three counts of sexually assaulting Charlotte – twice on December 9 and again on Christmas Day – with the brave dancer waiving her anonymity.

The court was told this was the catalyst for Ward's murderous rampage after Jayne, who was sleeping in the same bed as Charlotte, woke up to find him attacking her sleeping daughter.

She yelled out "what the f**k" – waking Charlotte – as savage Ward pounced on the mum and began hacking her with a nine-inch blade.

A harrowing statement written by Charlotte was read to the court describing the brutal attack.

It said: "He started hitting her. Mum turned away to protect herself. She let the most painful scream out. Nathan was stabbing her and stabbing her but I did not see the knife.

"She tried to get out the door but he got her from behind. I think he stabbed the back of her head or neck. I went to get up to save her… When he realised that I was awake he ran towards me in the creepiest way."


Charlotte desperately tried to defend herself as "smiling" Ward climbed on top of her but he grabbed her hands as she attempted to punch him.

She was knifed twice in the head, face and back of her neck before Ward's dad Joseph burst in.

He said: "It was like a horror scene, blood everywhere… Charlotte was screaming, he was getting on top of her and was trying to stab her like a person possessed, trying to kill her, wanting to knife her to death and Charlotte was… Fighting him off and she had blood all over her face.

"I intervened and he turned the knife on me and I got cuts to the forehead and one to the stomach with the knife."


The dad managed to overpower his son and threw the knife to the ground as Ward said: "It wasn’t me daddy, I don’t know what I’m doing."

Terrified, Charlotte had fled the room but returned shortly after to find her mum gravely wounded on the ground.

Heartbroken Charlotte later revealed she "hugged and hugged her mother and tried so hard to bring her back".

The court heard last week Ward had fantasised about killing Jayne and in the months before the attack – buying knives, duct tape and "intimidating" gas masks to "torture" her.

He had been living with the family at the time of the gruesome murder and had "an unhealthy sexual obsession with Charlotte".

Speaking after the sentencing today, Charlotte said: "This has been an extremely long and tough journey without my mum and it will only continue.

"The courts are finally over however I will never see my mummy again and this destroys me she was my best friend, my everything and I love her so much."

Det Insp Michelle Griffin said: "Charlotte and her mother should have been waking up looking forward to the excitement of Christmas Day and sitting down for a family dinner.

"Instead they awoke to the horror of Nathan Ward standing beside their bed armed with a knife.

"Jayne was a psychiatric nurse. She dedicated her life to helping others yet she was murdered in cold blood in her own home by Nathan Ward who she had welcomed into that home.

"Nathan has robbed her of the joy of seeing her daughter Charlotte growing into a young woman and his callous actions have also denied Charlotte of the love, guidance and friendship of her mother."

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