NCIS season 16 spoilers: Will Timothy McGee leave NCIS after shock job offer?

NCIS season 16 spoilers: Will Timothy McGee leave NCIS after shock job offer?

NCIS season 16 continues tonight tonight (Tuesday, April 30) at 8pm EST/7pm CST on CBS with an episode that hints that Timothy McGee (played by Sean Murray) will leave NCIS soon. CBS has hinted that NCIS season 16 episode 21 will see McGee tour a tech company that previously offered him a job, suggesting he will soon leave the series, which airs on Fox in the UK. Sean Murray has not confirmed that he will be leaving NCIS, but there have been rumours throughout season 16 that a cast member may exit the show.

Will Timothy McGee leave NCIS?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for NCIS season 16

Though CBS and the NCIS crew have not confirmed that McGee will leave the series, the synopsis for this week’s episode has suggested he could leave.

The official synopsis for NCIS season 16, episode 21 reads: “Kasie (Diona Reasonover) solves a 30-year-old murder case, but a loophole in the legal system may set the suspect free.

“McGee visits an elite technology company that is offering him a highly paid position.”


The tech company previously tried to headhunt the NCIS agent in NCIS season 16, episode 14, Once Upon a Tim.

However, at the time, he decided to stay in the position he has held in the NCIS team since 2003.

Speaking at the time of that episode to Cinema Blen, Sean Murray said: “You know, I think there could be other circumstances in which it would play out.

“But I also feel that during [Once Upon a Tim], McGee kind of realizes that where he is is where he belongs.


“It was the right decision for him to take this career path.”

“And I think he’s real happy with the people that he’s with, so I don’t think McGee’s going anywhere.”

However, the fact that the character has decided to tour the company could suggest he has changed his mind in the intervening weeks.

This comes after months of speculation that there would be a member of the NCIS team leaving.

The first cast member NCIS fans thought might be on the way out was Gibbs (Mark Harmon).


However, he was confirmed to be returning for NCIS season 17 in a CBS statement.

Also rumoured to be leaving was Doctor Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard (David McCallum) after the character said he would be retiring.

However, it was then revealed that he would move into a semi-retired position as the inhouse archivist of NCIS.

NCIS fans can tune in to the last few episodes of season 16 to find out whether McGee or anyone else is due to leave.

NCIS season 16 continues Tuesdays on CBS and Friday on Fox

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