Ant McPartlin reveals new arrow tattoo with 'personal meaning' on his arm as he pops out for lunch

Ant McPartlin reveals new arrow tattoo with 'personal meaning' on his arm as he pops out for lunch

ANT McPartlin showed off his new arrow tattoo as he stepped out for lunch today.

The 43-year-old gave fans a rare glimpse of the inking, which is usually covered with suits, that he previously revealed had a “personal meaning”.

Wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, with a black cap, the large tat could be seen as he chatted on the phone.

Speaking about the tattoo back in January, the BGT host said it had a “personal meaning but it’s very positive”.

It’s not the only tattoo he has – there is an S for “Sober” on his right wrist and another one on his left wrist, which has an unknown meaning.

It is hard to distinguish the wording of the inking but the H could be a reference to his beloved dog Hurley.

Ant started following some of the philosophies of the Alcoholics Anonymous programme last year, although he will not define himself by the term or speak about the details.

Speaking about having the organisation’s symbol tattooed on his left wrist, he explained: “It means a great deal to me. The tattoo is based on the symbol but is not exactly the same.

“It’s more about beliefs and principles and where your mind is at in terms of love and being of good service to other humans, moving forward positively. It’s about how I am and how I will live my life in a good way.”

On Sunday evening Ant joined his co-host Declan Donnelly, also 43, for his first big event since his January comeback.

He admitted he was unsure he would ever return to the red carpet after his rehab stint.

Asked if he ever feared not coming back, Ant said: "Of course I did.

"But it's hard work and I'm getting through with the support of a true friend like Dec and the public. It means a lot to be back together on the red carpet."

Dec said: "Ant was away for a lot of the time last year.

"I saw the groundswell of goodwill and best wishes for him."

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