Bellerin could be 'better than ever' after injury return, says Arsenal doc

Bellerin could be 'better than ever' after injury return, says Arsenal doc

HECTOR BELLERIN could be “at an even higher level” when he returns for Arsenal after injury.

The 24-year-old was ruled out for nine months after suffering ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in the 2-0 win over Chelsea in January.

Spanish right-back Bellerin has been keeping fans updated throughout his recovery following surgery.

And his latest post over the weekend showed he was now able to walk with only one crutch, captioning his snap with “One small step for man, one big step for Heccy.”

Supporters always doubt whether a player will be the same after such a serious lay-off.

But fans of the Gunners received a big boost as the club’s Head of Sports Medicine and Athletic Development, Des Ryan, offered his insight.


He told Arsenal Player: “It’s been so busy for him, so one of the rare things he gets to experience now is the time to develop even more in the gym.

“I know with Darren, Shad and Barry looking after him, and all the physios in the first team, I can see him coming back at an even higher level.

“Obviously that will come with time once he’s back playing, but we have to remember that players reach their peak at 27 or 28 – that can vary with individuals – but Hector will have no problem rising to the challenge.”

Ryan added: “There are three attributes that we focus on developing in academy players that are very strong in Hector: respect, humility and discipline.

“He’s got the respect of everyone around them and returns that respect.

“He will get the best out of the people around him and the people around him will get the best out of him.

“He’s so disciplined that he will do everything he can to make sure he returns at an even higher level.”

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