Private data may have ‘fallen into wrong hands’ after cops lose over 300 devices

Private data may have ‘fallen into wrong hands’ after cops lose over 300 devices

Officers have been told to buck up after police forces lost 328 laptops, ­tablets, and mobile phones in the past two years.

The scale of electronic device losses sparked fears private data may have fallen into the wrong hands.

Forces misplaced 295 mobile phones, 21 tablets and 12 laptops across two years – with South Wales Police’s 79 losses meaning they misplaced more than any other.

North Wales Police came next with 75 losses, while British Transport Police, which monitors the rail network, lost 58 devices.

Nicko van Someren, Absolute Software’s chief trading officer, said it was impossible to guarantee information was secure when devices were misplaced.

He said: “Protecting sensitive data is hard. Protecting sensitive data on far flung devices is even harder, especially when these devices can be so easily lost or stolen.”

Yesterday, The Mirror told how police have reclaimed Oxford Circus from climate-change protesters after six days.

Some eco-warriors – calling themselves “the arrestables” – had to be cut free after chaining themselves together in the middle of the world famous junction in a bid to keep it closed off to traffic.

Others laid and sat down and refused to move, before more than 50 police officers moved and began making arrests from 12.50pm.

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