Lost ‘sequel’ to ‘A Clockwork Orange’ uncovered in archives

Lost ‘sequel’ to ‘A Clockwork Orange’ uncovered in archives

A previously unseen “sequel” to Anthony Burgess’ dystopian classic “A Clockwork Orange” has been discovered, boxed up in the late author’s archives.

The 200-page unfinished manuscript titled “A Clockwork Condition” expands upon themes in his controversial 1962 novel, and is described as “part philosophical reflection and part autobiography” the BBC reported.

It had been kept for decades at Burgess’ home in Bracciano, Italy before it was moved to the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in the United Kingdom.

“It’s not finished but there is quite a lot there,” Professor Andrew Biswell, who works at the foundation, told CNN. “If you put the book together, you can see what might have been.”

In the nonfiction work, Burgess addresses the controversy surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s film adaption of “A Clockwork Orange,” which was banned from UK theaters over concerns that it glorified crime.

“Burgess felt very strongly that he was in the firing line,” Biswell told CNN. “He’s very concerned by the accusation that this film has provoked people to do evil things.”

The 1971 cult classic — which was a blockbuster success in the US — depicted the ultra-violence of a gang of criminals in a futuristic England, and the state’s efforts to rehabilitate one of them.

The ‘new’ work furthers the impact of television on people’s lives, and describes people “feeling alienated, partly because of mass media,” according to the foundation.

“In that sense it’s a commentary about what’s happening to him, and his own life had been turned upside down by the success of the film,” Biswell told CNN.

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