Kulture Sits On Daddy Offset’s Lap With A Crown On Her Head For His New Album Cover — See Pic

Kulture Sits On Daddy Offset’s Lap With A Crown On Her Head For His New Album Cover — See Pic

Offset and Cardi B’s baby daughter Kulture is already a hip hop royalty, and now she’s seated on her daddy’ lap while decked out like a queen on his new album cover.

Offset is so proud of his four children that he’s named his new album in their honor and included them in his cover art. His Father of 4 debut solo disc drops at midnight on Feb. 22 and he’s showing off his brood to fans in advance. In the pic he posted to Instagram, the 27-year-old is seen sitting shirtless on a throne with a Egyptian themed collar and  background, with seven-month-old daughter Kulture getting the seat of honor on her daddy’s lap. She’s decked out like a total queen, wearing a gold headdress and looking regal in a pink and blue full gown with puffy sleeves and a pale pink bow around her little waist. Since her mom is Cardi B and her pop is Offset, Kulture is already rap royalty!

Offset tweeted about his children hours ahead of the album drop, writing “A lot of y’all didn’t know I have 4 kids PROUD FATHER !!!” and listed off their names and ages. He made his album cover a family affair, as he’s surrounded by his sons Jordan, 9 and Kody, 3, as well as daughter Kalea, 3. She’s also decked out like a princess in a white dress featuring a billowing skirt as she’s seated near her father’s feet. Brother Kody is wearing a diamond crown his on top of his head and donning a spiffy black shirt and suit while sitting across from his sister. Jordan stands at his dad’s side in an equally sharp black suit with silver embellishments.

It’s great that Offset is being so proud of his kids, because the world didn’t even know Jordan existed until his mother Justine Watson slapped the Migos member with a lawsuit in late 2017, seeking more child support for the boy. Kody’s mom is Offset’s ex-girlfriend Oriel Jamie, who he dated for two years. Kalea’s mom is rapper Shya Lamour. She tore Offset a new one when he got Kulture’s name tattooed on his jawline on Sept. 1, 2018. He has Kody’s name inked on the other side of his face and Jordan’s name on his left shoulder but didn’t get ink for Kalea. After he shared the Kulture tattoo pic on Instagram, Shya went on IG live to rant “Once you try my baby, b***h, you really got me f**ked up! Quit f**king playing with me, quit trying my daughter” Well, at least she’s on his album cover!


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Fans immediately went nuts for how adorable the album cover is after he debuted it via his Instagram account. “All beautiful children ❤️” wrote one fan while another wrote “Offset really makes beautiful babies tho.😍” Of course it was Kulture who fans flipped over with one commenting “KULTURE is soooooo freaking kute.” So true!

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