How cheeky pub goers are using Wetherspoons' app to get FREE drinks

How cheeky pub goers are using Wetherspoons' app to get FREE drinks

CHEEKY pub punters are taking advantage of a loophole in the J.D. Wetherspoons app to get free drinks delivered to their table.

The budget pub chain launched its app two years ago which lets customers order food and drinks to their table without going to the bar.

App users have to select which pub they're drinking in and the table number so that the order will be processed at the right branch.

You also have to pay for the round using your card before you get your order.

At the time, Wetherspoons said the app was aimed at parents who won't want to leave their children at the table while they order at the bar.

But some gutsy customers have been cheating the system by asking strangers to order them a drink.

Merry revellers are tweeting which branch they're in alongside the table number in the hope that someone will send them a free bev – and for some people it actually works.

Lyndsey ended up with a tray of 12 drinks – six Jaeger bombs, four shots, a gin and a bottle of prosecco – after putting out an appeal on Twitter.

She wrote: "I've seen friends so it… I am at The Standing Order Wetherspoons in Edinburgh…table 58 feel free to send me a beer from back home #Wetherspoons."

But as she found out, you're not always guaranteed to get what you want because shortly afterwards someone sent her a side of onion rings and a pancake dessert.

Alongside a photo of her haul she wrote: "Appreciated. But it's not gin!"

Plenty of others have also shamelessly published the shout out but it's not clear if they've been as successful.


In fact, there's even an unofficial Twitter page dedicated to the Wetherspoons app that retweets pleas for free drinks.

The @WetherspoonsTA, which has no connection to the pub,  says that the idea behind the thread is to share your table number and "receive gifts from anonymous donors".

The app means that pals – or strangers – can order food and drink to pub-goers at any branch, of which there are more than 900 of.

A spokesperson for the pub chain told The Sun that they are aware of this kind of thing happening but it's not something it wanted to comment on.

The app, which is free to download from iTunes and Google Play, is also useful for customers who don't want to lose their table by leaving it when they order.

It only works with card payments so you'll still have to go to the bar if you want to pay by cash.

It's not the first time the app has been exploited like this – we reported how one punter was bombarded with bizarre free drinks after his mate put out a Twitter appeal, including milk, Fruit Shoots and curry sauce.

Research by The Sun found that the chain charges customers up to £3 more for a burger and a pint depending on where you live and this is the most expensive branch.

In fact, we found that it prices very by up to 60 per cent at pubs that are just six minute walk apart.

The budget boozer angered customers earlier this month after it hiked prices for the fifth time in two years.

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