Ariana Grande: Why She Did The Right Thing After Pete’s Worrying Message — Psychologist Explains

Ariana Grande: Why She Did The Right Thing After Pete’s Worrying Message — Psychologist Explains

Ariana Grande rushed to ex Pete Davidson’s location after he posted a disturbing message that many believed could have been suicidal and a psychologist EXCLUSIVELY tells HL that she made the right move.

Ariana Grande, 25, didn’t hesitate to rush to the Saturday Night Live studios on Dec. 15 where ex Pete Davidson, 25, was after he posted a worrying message about not wanting to be on this Earth anymore and now a psychologist is weighing in on the situation. Dr. Sherrie Campbell, licensed counselor and psychologist, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Ariana did exactly the right thing when it comes to Pete’s situation because one of the main things a person can do for someone who may be suicidal is to let them know they are cared for ASAP and make sure they are out of harm’s way.

“Immediately call the person in need, knowing that the person will likely not answer,” Dr. Campbell explained. “From here if you’re in close enough proximity call this person’s parents, friends, sibling or roommates: whoever can help you. If the threat is serious and you have a horrible gut feeling, call the police and request a wellness check. Many friends feel afraid that if they take these steps their friend in need will hate them. Better to be hated than to wonder what would have happened had you not taken action. Better to be safe than sorry.”

Dr. Campbell also explained what a person should do if they’re able to talk or see the loved one who may be suicidal. “Love them unconditionally and encourage them to get the help they need from a psychiatrist and psychologist,” she said. “That kind of support keeps the suicidal person accountable and with a sense of help and structure.”

Although Pete reportedly didn’t want to see Ariana when she went to see if he was okay, he seemed to be surrounded by SNL cast members and other friends that were doing what they could to be there for him.

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