7 Women Who Caught Feelings For Their Best Friends Revealed What Happens When They Confessed

7 Women Who Caught Feelings For Their Best Friends Revealed What Happens When They Confessed

Are you ready for some majorly juicy stories? Well, seven women who caught feelings for their best friends just shared all of the details on Reddit AskWomen. From Harry and Sally to Jim and Pam, we’ve got plenty of examples of best friends falling in love to look to on TV and in movies. In fact, I’d go so far as to argue that it’s one of our favorite romantic narratives. But, obvi, TV and movies don’t always accurately reflect real life. IRL, developing feelings for your best friend can be way more complicated. What if they don’t feel the same way and your friendship is ruined forever? What if they do feel the same way but you just don’t vibe as a couple? What if they start dating someone else and it slowly crushes your soul piece by piece?! You get the picture. It’s daunting. You’re not guaranteed a happy ending like the characters in your favorite shows and movies.

But there is one universal truth that you can take comfort in if you’re in love with your best friend: You’re not alone. Plenty of people find themselves falling in love with their best friends. And, luckily, a few of them shared their stories on Reddit’s AskWomen thread. Read along below as seven ladies share what happened when they started developing feelings for their best friends.

She was convinced he felt the same, but he was gay.


They were never able to get the timing right.


They weren’t on the same page, but it was OK.


She never mustered up the courage to say how she felt.


She told her years down the line and they laughed about it.


When they found out they liked each other it was too late.


He rejected her.


OK, so none of these people had When Harry Met Sally- or The Office-level happy endings. But the nice part? Again, if you’re having feelings like this, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have been where you are.

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