My boyfriend bought me a £750 six-pack for Valentine’s Day so I’ll look fitter in sexy lingerie

My boyfriend bought me a £750 six-pack for Valentine’s Day so I’ll look fitter in sexy lingerie

The pair treated each other to a £750 Endopeel at Vie Aesthetics in Essex yesterday – and Tracy shared an eye-watering video of the experience via Facebook live.

She reckons the procedure has left her feeling sexier and more confident, which bodes well for their planned night of passion later this week.

"An instant six-pack was the perfect thing we could buy for each other for Valentine's Day," she told Fabulous Digital.

"I'll look better when I put on nice lingerie, and we're more likely to have better sex this year than if we’d gone out and had a big meal which would leave us feeling bloated and hungover."

Endopeel is a non-surgical injection technique initially developed in Switzerland which helps to lift areas in the body and face to instantly create a plumper, youthful, shinier and tauter appearance.

The substance within the needle is an oily, patented solution containing carbolic acid with peanut oil acid. When injected into an area of loose skin tissue and muscle laxity, it has a tightening effect which reverses the signs of ageing.

A qualified practitioner used chalk to map out the area on Tracy's stomach to ensure all areas are covered and the injections are applied evenly.

Tracy, whose Facebook Live video has already notched up more than 20,000 views, explained: "I’ve had two children and the skin on my stomach stretched to the point of being a blimp.

"Now, even though I work out really hard and have a massively strong muscle foundation and lead a healthy diet and lifestyle, the loose skin sits away from the body.

"In order to get the best results to sharpen that up, I looked at skin tightening treatments. I didn't want a tummy tuck, so this was perfect as it's a non-surgical, less invasive process to bring back my muscle definition."

Tracy, a keen bodybuilder, told how last year she and Freddie "spent a fortune" going away to a fancy hotel where they enjoyed a three-course meal.

"When we spoke about Valentine’s Day this year we thought, that was so many extra calories when you’re bodybuilding, it’s a load of extra money because they bump the price up, so we decided to do something that would make us look and feel good instead," she explained.

"Yes it's not traditional, and maybe it wasn't the most romantic thing to do given Freddie's terrified of needles, but going through this process as a couple was nice as it was a shared experience.

"It's basically the opposite of what we did last year, as we look slimmer and sexier and feel good about ourselves.

"I was expecting it to sting, but it really didn't hurt – it feels like a small needle prick, probably quite similar to having Botox – I'd say it rates a three out of 10 for pain factor."

Tracy said the only negative side effect she's experienced is very minor yellow bruising where the needles went into her skin – but most of these are hard to spot thanks to her large tattoo.

She admitted she was also keen to have Endopeel so that she'd look better in her regular Instagram posts and bikini selfies.

"When you look good you feel good, and when I post a selfie online I definitely feel so much happier," she said.

"I just put a video on Instagram stories this morning when I was at the gym and my stomach looks so cool!

"I’m really pleased to share that on social media and let other people know that this is available and they can try it too!

"Freddie is very happy with both of our results – it’s quite shocking that you can have such definition so instantly."

What happens before, during and after an Endopeel treatment?

  • Endopeel has a wide range of application areas for the face, such as forehead lift, nose tip elevation, the jowls, lower chin or the neck, as well as in problem areas of the body such as the gluteus area (bum lift), the thighs, saggy upper arms (bingo wings) and the chest and tummy areas.
  • It is administered with multiple small injections.
  • The needle is 1cm long, with the first injections going in 0.5cm to tighten and the second inserted vertically all the way.
  • A local anaesthetic cream can be applied beforehand for maximum comfort, but Tracy chose to go without, describing the sensation as being like a "pin prick".
  • Tracy's procedure took around eight minutes for each side of her tummy.
  • The effects of Endopeel are mostly visible immediately and continue to improve for a period of three to seven days.
  • For ideal results, patients will require three sessions in the first year, followed by one annually to maintain the effects.
  • Prices depend on the area treated and start at £300. You can not have Endopeel if you are allergic to peanuts, pregnant or breastfeeding.

While she's still bought Freddie a card for Valentine's Day, the pair are planning a low-key celebration – and an early night.

"We’re not going to go out for a meal or tuck into chocolate puddings and Champagne, because we want to maintain our results and stick to our normal training regime," she said.

"That means going to the gym, coming home, eating brown rice and broccoli, putting on some sexy underwear and spending the evening in bed!"

We previously told how Tracy tried out anal bleaching – and it made her feel like a virgin again.

She also "auditioned" Freddie with a date at a fertility clinic when they first started seeing each other – and is very glad she did.

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