Jada Pinkett Smith Rocked A Pink Feather Dress With A Dramatic Trail at 2019 Grammy Awards

Jada Pinkett Smith Rocked A Pink Feather Dress With A Dramatic Trail at 2019 Grammy Awards

Jada Pinkett Smith wowed on the red carpet with the dramatic trail on her dress at the 2019 Grammy Awards! See her beautiful look inside!

Girls Trip actress Jada Pinkett Smith, 47, looked positively glowing on the 2019 Grammy Awards red carpet! The stunning mom of Jaden, 20, and Willow, 18, and wife of Will, 50, impressed all while walking amongst other A-lister celebrities on Feb. 10!

Jada wore a gorgeous pink dress, featuring a deep v-neck and a trail that feathered out from her thighs all the way to the floor. She wore silver heels and diamond rings and a long necklace, and kept her hair in a pixie cut. She rocked pink eyeshadow and lipstick to go with her dress. We’re huge fans of this look – way to go Jada!

Jada is no stranger to making heads turn on the red carpet. She has worn curve-hugging, fashion-forward dresses for years that have been totally eye-catching. And in addition to her fashion itself, she and husband Will have always been PDA-friendly on the carpets, showing off their love!

While the Smith family is full of musical talent – Jaden released album Syre in 2017, Will has enjoyed a decades-long career in music, and Willow, of course had Whip My Hair back in 2010 – it might not be something all of them want to pursue forever. According to Jada, Willow may not want to continue with her music career in the future.

“[Willow] told me the other day, ‘Mom, I might just be a checkout person at Whole Foods,’” Jada said in a Harper’s Bazaar interview. “I said, ‘You know what Willow, that’d be alright with me as long you’re happy. I really couldn’t care less. You could freaking disappear and get off the grid—as long as you’re happy.’”

That definitely seems like a good attitude to have! But we’re sure it’s still cool – regardless if Willow continues with a music career or not – to see her mom attend events like the Grammys! We will definitely be supportive of Willow in whatever career endeavor she decides on – even if it’s out of the spotlight! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the gallery above for more amazing red carpet looks!

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